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Workshop on the prosecution of illegal traffic helps assess challenges in enforcing the Basel Convention
18th October 2013
The workshop for Central and South America on the prosecution of illegal traffic of hazardous wastes under the Basel Convention was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 28 to 29 August 2013.The workshop provided training for prosecutors, law enforcement experts and lawyers, based on the Basel Convention's instruction manua...
China's Electronic Waste Village - Photo Essays
Time Photos, 1st September 2013
China's Electronic Waste Village - Photo Essays Guiyu, China breaks down much of the world's discarded electronics, slowly poisoning itself in the process.  
Whistleblowing : If you suspect corruption
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 30th June 2013
If you suspect corruption in connection with a development assistance project, or if you are aware that development assistance funds are not being managed in accordance with what has been agreed, you can report it. You can choose to be anonymous. More information
E-waste at the ITU Green Standards Week in Madrid, Spain, on 16 September 2013
BASEL CONVENTION , 30th June 2013
E-waste at the ITU Green Standards Week A Forum on Environmentally Sound Management of E-waste examines best practice for designing e-waste management systems, Madrid, Spain, 16 September 2013.  More
Rise in Electronics Consumption in Asia-Pacific Drives the E-Waste Recycling Market
pollutionsolutions-online, 14th June 2013
Rise in Electronics Consumption in Asia-Pacific Drives the E-Waste Recycling Market The rapid industrialisation and advancements in technology have led to the accumulation of electrical and electronic waste in Asia-Pacific, compelling governments to pass regulations mandating e-waste recycling. Apart from government impetus...
Report of the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention released, 10th May 2013
Sixth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention Geneva, Switzerland, from 28 April to 10 May 2013 Venue: Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG), 17 rue de Varembé, Geneva, Switzerland. Summary of the outcomes About 1,400 participants took part in the conference, which was he...
E-waste – A global menace PETATLING JAYA, 15th March 2013
E-waste – A global menace PETATLING JAYA: When electronic appliances reach their end-of-product life and are in a state of disrepair, they become an extra burden to landfill operators and municipal councils. More
Snapshot of Worldwide Electronics Recycling 2013 Asia, 5th March 2013
Asia is also a good news-bad news story. On the one hand, three countries have the highest electronics recycling rates in the world. On the other hand, the dominant countries of India and China are far behind.  More
E-waste danger looms
PUNITHA KUMAR, New Straits Times, 23rd July 2012
HEALTH THREAT: Discarded handphones and computers contain heavy metals that can seep into the ground KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIANS’ desire for electronic gadgets, especially handphones, is contributing to rising electronic waste, or e-waste.The Department of Environment said yesterday that discarded handphones should be r...
World's Most Polluted Places Are in Asia
Esther Tanquintic-Misa, International Business Times AU, 23rd July 2012
A New York City-based non-governmental organization found that most of the world's polluted places or those exposed to dangerous levels of toxic chemic are found in Asia, with the Soviet Union having the most and experiencing the worst ill effects. In a report by the ABC, quoting data contained in a recent report released ...
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