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Officers in dock for green lapse
The Indian Express, 14th March 2012
Two senior officers — one with Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and the other with the Panchkula MC — are in the dock. The Haryana Pollution Control Board has decided to file a prosecution suit against a HUDA executive officer and a Panchkula MC engineer before the Special Environment Court, Kurukshetra. The...
New UN agreement seeks to protect environment from hazardous electronic waste
UN News Centre, 13th March 2012
A new United Nations agreement seeks to diminish the damage caused by electronic waste through the collection and recycling of hazardous materials, as well as by introducing measures to improve the ways in which this equipment is managed. According to the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU), electronic waste is...
Ozone pioneer Rowland dies at 84
BBC News, 12th March 2012
The death has been announced of Sherwood Rowland - the US chemistry professor who first suspected that the Earth's protective ozone layer was being depleted by man-made chemicals. Prof Rowland published a paper on the dangers of the then-popular chlorofluorocarbons - CFCs - in 1974. His ideas were derided at the time by ...
PCB takes up inventory of hazardous waste
The Hindu, T. Lalith Singh, 12th March 2012
For the first time, a comprehensive inventory and detailed geo-referenced database of the industrial facilities in the State and pollution potential from them is to be generated. As part of the World Bank funded project ‘Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management' which also has emphasis on rehabilitation of ...
Farmers oppose burning of toxic waste at Pithampur plant
The Times of India, 9th March 2012
Farmers, living in Tarpura and other villages surrounding Ramky Enviro Engineers in Pithampur, are up in arms against the government's decision to incinerate toxic wastes from the now defunct Union Carbide plant in Bhopal in Pithampur. The government is planning to incinerate 346 metric ton (MT) of the toxic waste at the R...
China hopes to fend off mounting e-waste crunch
Clean Biz Asia, 8th March 2012
Xinhua reported yesterday that lawmakers in China are calling for the establishment of a system to recycle discarded home appliances and electronic goods to reduce environmental pollution. According to the statistics from the National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic planner, the quantity of China's disc...
Ministry probes Toxic Pollution Claims in W. Java
Fidelis E. Satriastanti, The Jakarta Globe, 6th March 2012
The Environment Ministry says it is still studying a complaint filed by residents about alleged groundwater pollution resulting from a waste processing firm burying toxic sludge in Karawang, West Java. Wiryono Koesmoedjihardjo, the assistant to the minister’s deputy for verification of toxic waste management, said on Mo...
Should Pithampur bear Bhopal’s toxic burden?
The Times of India, 6th March 2012
Cleaning up Union Carbide's highly toxic mess in Bhopal from the 1984 holocaust is turning into a conundrum now. The union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) had decided on February 22 that all of the estimated 345 metric tonnes of toxic wastes should be carted to Pithampur, near Indore, and burnt at a single spot ...
E-trash recycle: Chips are up
Priyanka Joshi and Piyali Mandal, Business Standard, 5th March 2012
India generates 350,000 tonnes of electronics waste (e-waste) every year and imports another 50,000 tonnes. But, only 19,000 tonnes of this is recycled. Take a good look at your shelves and the hidden corners of your cupboards. You are bound to find at least one gadget that you had hoarded simply because it had lived up to...
Experts ponder legalizing ivory trade
Jennifer Viegas, ABC Science, 5th March 2012
A spike in the poaching of elephants has become so alarming that experts are debating a controversial plan to permit the legalised trade of ivory. Renewed interest in the idea comes in the aftermath of a massacre of nearly 450 elephants in Northern Cameroon - killed primarily for their valuable tusks. Global economic an...
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