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goal of Environmental Crime Media Update is to provide current news on a weekly basis on environmental crime. With the exception of items written by UNEP and occasional contributions solicited from other organizations, the news is sourced from on-line newspapers, journals and websites.

Environmental crime busters meet in Bangkok for the 12th ARPEC
UNEP ROAP , 17th February 2012
Representatives from various governments, universities, non-government and international organizations met to discuss critical issues related to illegal trade in environmentally sensitive commodities today at the 12th Asian Regional Partners Forum on Combating Environmental Crime (ARPEC) in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting wa...
Maritime security cooperation in Southeast Asia
Agus Haryanto, Tha Jakarta Post, 16th February 2012
Energy security and trade between the economies in East Asia and ASEAN depend extensively on maritime security in the critical passages of the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea. The Sunda Strait and the Lombok Strait are important secondary channels to link these economies to major markets in case of a catastrophe al...
Pollution control board plans proper disposal of e-waste
The Times of India, 16th February 2012
Unable to decide what to do with your old computer or defunct mobile phone? The UP Regional Pollution Control Board (UPRPCB), Noida is now offering help to all residents to dispose all electronic waste in an environment-friendly manner rather than sell it off to the local scrap dealer. Following directions from the state g...
India chips at e-waste mountain
Pia Heikkila, The National, 16th February 2012
There is a growing mountain of electronics waste in India that the government is trying to tackle with a recycling law that aims to force high-tech manufacturers to clean up the toxic rubbish their customers discard. But the manufacturers do not want to carry the can alone. India's ministry of environment and forests' new...
Enforcement lacking on environmental crimes in Asia – activist
Thin Lei Win, Reuters AlertNet, 16th February 2012
Crimes against the environment are increasingly prevalent across Asia Pacific, fuelling conflict, intensifying climate change and exacerbating the threat of natural disasters, yet enforcement is lacking due to a perception that there are no victims to such crimes, an environmental activist said Wednesday. Illegal logging a...
Hazardous medical waste stagnates at local hospital
The Saudi Gazette, 15th February 2012
Large amounts of hazardous waste have been found dumped around King Fahd Hospital in Al-Hufof. The waste includes used syringes and IV solutions, according to local media reports. The reporter from Al-Yaum Arabic newspaper who found the waste was told that the disposal company had not arrived to collect it. A source at th...
Japanese draw up $22.5m plan for Alang
The Times of India, 14th February 2012
The Japanese have decided to come to Alang, offering to the Gujarat government a major plan to modernize Asia's biggest ship-recycling yard. A high-level 15-member Japanese delegation, led by Kenji Tomoda, chairman, Ship Recycle sub-committee of the Japanese Ship-owners' Association, met chief minister Narendra Modi and of...
NY Environmental Group Applauds Fracking Waste Legislation
New York League of Conservation voters, Long Island News, 14th February 2012
The New York State Assembly has passed legislation (A.7013) that closes a loophole in Department of Environmental Conservation regulations that exempts fracking waste from treatment as hazardous waste — even though much of the waste meets the current definition of hazardous. This legislation is one of NYLCV’s four top ...
Thailand teams up with INTERPOL to solve environmental crimes
Pattaya Mail, 14th February 2012
The INTERPOL Environmental Crime Meeting is currently taking place in Thailand, with representatives from 66 countries worldwide participating in the conference.  Deputy Prime Minister Pol. Capt. Chalerm Yubumrung presided over the opening ceremony of the 23rd Meeting of the INTERPOL Wildlife Working Group and the 17...
Greene County man pleads guilty to illegally dumping liquid waste
Kaitlynn Riely, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 11th February 2012
A Greene County man charged last year with illegally dumping millions of gallons of Marcellus Shale wastewater, sewer sludge and restaurant slop throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, has reached a plea agreement with the state attorney general's office. Robert Allan Shipman, 50, of New Freeport, pleaded guilty to 13 count...
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