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UN-backed report warns of dangers of increasing electronic waste in West Africa
UN Daily News, 10th February 2012
West Africa is facing a significant increase in waste generated by electronic equipment which poses mounting health and environmental risks, according to a United Nations report released today. About 85 per cent of the waste produced in the region comes from domestic consumption, the report reveals. However, the problem is ...
After 20 years, hazardous waste program has diverted 150,000 pounds of materials for reuse
Michael Burnham, Metro News, 10th February 2012
The hazardous waste facility at Metro South transfer station celebrated two decades and a ton of stories in paint and jars this week. Most of the materials that come through the doors are mundane – old paint cans, car batteries, fluorescent lights and propane tanks – but there's the occasional jar with a human brain or ...
Ernakulam is hazardous waste capital of Kerala
G. Krishnakumar, The Hindu, 10th February 2012
Ernakulam district has emerged as the new hazardous waste capital of Kerala. The district is the top contributor to the amount of hazardous waste generated in the State, producing about 45,560 metric tonnes of hazardous waste annually. Kerala generated about 71,050 metric tonnes of hazardous waste in 2009-10, according to ...
Discharge of toxic wastewater protested
Lee I-chia, Taipei Times, 10th February 2012
Environmentalists yesterday protested in front of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) against the discharge of toxic wastewater from high-tech industries in the fourth-phase expansion project at the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) and called for a 100 percent wastewater recycling mechanism. “The fourth-p...
New OSCE chair says closer partnership between UN "indispensable"
APA, 10th February 2012
The new chairperson for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Thursday said that "at a time of constrained resources and ever more complex transnational threats, a closer partnership between the OSCE and the UN is indispensable", APA reports quoting Xinhua. The OSCE statement came as Eamon Gilmo...
Jakarta Port Officials Seize 113 Illegal Containers of Hazwaste
Environment News Service, 9th February 2012
Environmental groups in Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States are pleased that Indonesian authorities seized 113 shipping containers full of toxic waste at Indonesia's largest port, but they warn that the country is still vulnerable to illegal waste shipments from abroad. In the last week of January, Indonesian...
Second-hand gadgets aggravate PHL waste problems
GMA News, 9th February 2012
Last year’s Christmas festivities seem like ages ago. And what lingers after the holiday hoopla, aside from the unwanted pounds from all the parties, are the gifts. Most probably you received some electronic gadget that you were either coveting for most of the year, or just one of those doodads that your Kris Kringle pick...
UNEP/SIDA launch Regional Enforcement Network Project to Combat Illegal Trade in Harmful Chemicals and Hazardous Waste in Asia
UNEP OzonAction, 8th February 2012
Today the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) launched the Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (Project REN), a US$1.56 million project that aims at detecting and preventing illegal cross border trade of Ozone Deplet...
Pollution control board issues notices to scrap dealers over hazardous waste
Indian Express, 7th February 2012
The Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) has issued a notice to nearly hundred scrap dealers from Maddawalla and Kona villages for violation of management of hazardous waste. The notices were issued after the dealers were found violating Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Trans Boundary Movement), Rules, 200...
Decades of toxic waste in KZN
Tony Carnie, Independent Online, 6th February 2012
Decades after the first drums of toxic sludge began to pile up in SA, the government has failed to get rid of more than 3000 tons of mercury waste stored at the old Thor Chemicals factory in KwaZulu-Natal. Thousands of barrels of mercury waste remain in warehouses and sludge ponds at Cato Ridge, outside Durban, while in t...
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