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Jakarta Foils Bid to Dump Toxic Waste
By Zakir Hussain, Jakarta Globe, 29th January 2012
Customs officers have foiled a bid to smuggle 113 containers containing hazardous and toxic waste into Indonesia. The seizure was one of the biggest in recent years and illustrates the ongoing challenge facing developing countries like Indonesia in their efforts to counter attempts by waste disposal agencies to get rid of ...
Report reveals how hospital waste is endangering New Delhi
By Neetu Chandra, Daily Mail, 29th January 2012
Government hospitals in the Capital are turning a blind eye to the hazards of bio-medical wasteby either casually dumping the untreated waste despite expensive incinerators installed at the hospital or outsourcing the work to private agencies.   A report released by the directorate of health services has revealed th...
Chennai's ewaste misery grows
Oman Tribune, 29th January 2012
Every year, Chennai city generates more than 30,000 tonnes of ewaste and the quantity is expected to grow to 200,000 tonnes by 2030. A Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board’s recommendation to set up e-waste collection centres is gathering dust. And reports are that the share of ewaste in city’s dump sites like Kodungaiyur...
New law powers Lebanon County's effort to recycle electronic waste
By Brabara Miller,, 28th January 2012
CHRIS KNIGHT, The Patriot-NewsCole Miller, disposes of old TV's, and computers, at the Electronics Recycling shed at the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority in North Lebanon Twp. Tuesday January 17, 2012.   Ridding basements and garages of unwanted electronics is going to be easier for area residents, thanks in part to ...
Toxic river sparks run on water
Hong Kong Standard, 27th January 2012
Pollution in the southern region of Guangxi sparked panic-buying of bottled water after a mining firm dumped toxic cadmium into a river.   Those living in Liuzhou filled shopping carts with boxes of bottled water, as the government sought to reassure the public that the drinking water supply is safe, Shanghai's Orie...
All about urban decay, 23rd January 2012
HYDERABAD: Huge dumps of e-waste, degeneration of natural resources, an increase in non bio-degradable resources across the globe might be issues that most people ignore now for many reasons. One of them being that they have already been heard of, spoken about and worked on so much. But, a striving need for revolution is ...
European retailers to take back e-waste for free
By Isaac Leung, Electronics News, 23rd January 2012
LARGE electronic retailers in Europe could be forced to take electronic waste and recycle it for free.The European Parliament has approved of new rules which could see e-waste collection in the European Union boosted from 4kg per capital to around 20kg per capita by 2020. The new rules stipulate that electronics goods stor...
Sri Lanka 'dumping ground' of e-waste!
Nation on Sunday, The eye, 22nd January 2012
The problem of properly disposing electronic waste or ‘e-waste’ is an issue faced by most developing nations, including Sri Lanka. Just as with all other waste material, it is essential that we dispose of e-waste in a proper and hygienic manner. There are parts in most discarded electrical items that can either be reus...
Triangle of death: Surge in cancer cases in Italy linked to illegal dumping of toxic waste
The Independent, 22nd January 2012
The Ancient Romans called this region Campania felix, "happy Campania", and you can still justabout see why. Once it was an earthly paradise: the aquamarine Tyrrhenian Sea full of fish, the bulk of Vesuvius to the south, which menaced destruction but was also responsible for the immense fertility of the soil. Here in the br...
Clean Up founder on toxic dumping charge
By Natalie O’brien, Sydney Morning Herald, 22nd January 2012
A SYDNEY man who founded the Clean Up Israel campaign has been charged with illegally transporting and dumping asbestos contaminated waste on his property in Wollondilly.   Phillip Foxman and the companies of which he is a director, Botany Building Recyclers Pty Ltd, and Foxman Environmental Development Services Pty ...
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