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Recycling procedures and challenges in Jeddah
By Roberta Fedele, Arab News, 22nd January 2012
JEDDAH: Nearly 7,000 tons of waste that will take hundred years to decompose reach Jeddah’s landfill sites every day and only a negligible part of it gets recycled. This is not only due to a lack of awareness of environmental issues and a weak recycling strategy but also demonstrates the need of better informing people ...
Debate over toxic waste disposal
Times, 21st January 2012
28 years after the deadly disaster, the proposal to bring 346 tonnes of hazardous waste from the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster site to a disposal facility in Taloja outside Mumbai has pitched the Maharashtra Government against Madhya Pradesh and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The toxic waste was to be brought to Mah...
Toxic wastes dumped in Nepal
Himalayan Times, 20th January 2012
KATHMANDU, NEPAL (Himalayan Times) - Greenpeace,an international organization working for environment conservation, has detected toxic wastes stored in two unsecured facilities in Nepal, “Bild am Sonntag” a Germandaily said. Greenpeace had secured the toxins in larger barrels and asked the companies concerned to take c...
Kalhari Group / Hong Kong's Li Tong Group For The Recycling Of E- Waste
Sunday Leader, 20th January 2012
A Sri Lankan company has stepped forward to ensure the safe and environment-friendly disposal of electronic waste.The Kalhari Group which has diverse business interests and is already involved in the export of recycled or recyclable waste materials has signed an agreement with Epsi Computers (Pvt) Ltd., to become the compan...
Jail air and water polluters
Malaysia Star, 18th January 2012
THE Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) welcomes the call by Chief Justice Tan Sri Ariffin Zakaria to set up a special court to deal with environment crimes. But the proposed court should not be limited to the theft of timber from our forests or the poaching or trafficking of our wildlife.   Instead, the Environment Cour...
Let's ban bans, and start with CITES
Daily Maverick, 11th January 2012
Let's ban bans, and start with CITESTrade in endangered species, unlicenced guns, hard drugs, illegal oil refineries, forced prostitution, gambling without paying off the government – all of these are banned. So why are they so common, and so profitable? When will it dawn on those who claim to oppose this, that or the o...
Nigerian vessel pays penalty to Ghana for dumping toxic waste
Coastweek, Sekondi Ghana (Xinhua), 7th January 2012
A Nigerian vessel, Spirit River, has finally paid a panalty of 222,000 U.S. dollars to Ghanaian authorities for its dumping of toxic waste last March at an engineered landfill in Sekondi, a coastal city, 218 km west of Accra.   Sekondi mayor Anthony Cudjoe told Xinhua on Wednesday that the Ministry of Environment, S...
Dumping of radioactive waste begins at King's Cliffe site
Rutland and Stamford Mercury, 6th January 2012
A disposal company has begun dumping low-level radioactive waste at its site in King’s Cliffe.   The decision to allow Augean to dump such waste at the East Northants Resource Management Facility in Stamford Road, was upheld at the High Court in November.   But campaigners have won the right to appeal agai...
With Eye on Illegal Mining, Colombia Creates Environmental Crime Office
InSight Crime, Elyssa Pachico, 4th January 2012
Colombia created a prosecutor's office which will deal exclusively with environmental crime. One significant question is how much energy the new office will put into investigating unlicensed mining, a source of money for the FARC and BACRIMs.   The unit will consist of 22 attorneys trained in environmental law, acc...
HCM City police seize 15 tons of harmful waste
VietNamNet Bridge, 3rd January 2012
After receiving a tip-off, the police on December 29 caught a truck carrying more than 1 ton of used printing ink and a large quantity of ink-stained dusters. The driver failed to show any documents allowing him to transport the harmful waste, and he said he was hired to carry the waste from the An Lac Label Printing Joint...
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