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China's green hero
By Rebecca Valli, Asia Sentinel, 3rd January 2012
A former farmer, soldier, government official and now university professor, 71-year-old Wu Dengming has lived many lives, but he has always had a passion for protecting the environment. Dubbed China’s ‘green hero’ by the local press, Wu has been actively campaigning since the 1980s. “In 1985 I helped my students...
Beware of E-waste as great health risk
By Tariq Farid, Pakistan Daily Times, 2nd January 2012
LAHORE: Hazardous E-waste has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of “yet to be enacted E-waste laws” in the country. The people, especially the youth, are...
Unchecked cargo stirs fears
By Natalie O’ Brien, Sydney Morning Herald, 1st January 2012
MILLIONS of shipping containers, which in some cases have been used by organised criminal networks to move illegal goods including luxury vehicles, car parts and e-waste, are leaving the nation's ports every year unchecked by customs officials. A Sun-Herald investigation into maritime container security also revealed that ...
Surat may sell e-waste to Japan
Economic Times, Himansshu Bhatt & Melvyn Thomas, TNN, 29th December 2011
SURAT: Key electronic components in computers, cell phones, digital cameras and other gizmos discarded by Surtis could be recycled by the Japanese if the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) approves of a tripartite agreement between a local firm, the SMC and a Japanese firm.   The local firm will collect the e-waste, s...
Scandal at NFML: Ministers allegedly involved in Rs300b fertiliser fraud
By Arif Rana, The Express Tribune, 29th December 2011
ISLAMABAD:  A powerful group comprising federal ministers, elected officials, and senior civil servants allegedly embezzled Rs300 billion through the illegal dumping, smuggling, and black-marketing of fertiliser imported by the government, according to an official inquiry report.   Detailed background interviews...
Following Electronic Waste from Recyclers to Dumps in China
By Terrence Henry, StateImpact Texas, 28th December 2011
As shiny new electronics are being plugged in all across the country this week, many old items are being thrown out. A lot of consumers choose to recycle their old televisions, computers and other gadgets at electronic waste recycling centers, in an effort to prevent all of those plastics and chips from clogging up landfill...
Trafigura guilty verdict upheld in toxic waste dumping case
NewDesignWorld (press release), 26th December 2011
(NewDesignWorld Press Center) - A Dutch court’s decision to uphold a guilty verdict against the multinational company, Trafigura, for illegally exporting toxic waste is an important step towards justice for the thousands of people affected by the dumping in Côte d’Ivoire, Amnesty International said today. A judge reje...
Halt on gas import
By Samisoni Nabilivalu, Fiji Times, 23rd December 2011
THE Department of Environment has revealed that a batch of Refrigerant 134A (R134A) sold locally is actually not 100 per-cent R134A. The imported refrigerant is used in the car air conditioning systems and commercial and domestic refrigeration. According to the packaging, the cylinder contains R134A but tests conducted b...
Asbestos hazard closes dump
By Cameron Mccrohon, Central Telegraph, 23rd December 2011
BANANA residents were locked out of their rubbish tip for four days, after asbestos panels were illegally dumped and burnt at the site. The tip was closed immediately after the council received a phone call warning the dangerous material had been disposed of at the site. "A guy had demolished a building in town and then d...
Dangerous R-134a Contamination Found Worldwide: Immediate call to check all R-134a Cylinders Worldwide for Contamination
Neutronics, 21st December 2011
Exton, PA -- Neutronics has issued the following urgent "Statement of Action" to all industries using R134a refrigerant: Statement of Action After review of information provided by many reputable sources, Neutronics urgently advises that all industries using R-134a refrigerant immediately test all cylinders thought to be ...
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