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For environmental crime, the misrule of law applies, 22nd July 2012
This week, as part of the Rio+20 summit in Brazil, over 200 judges, prosecutors, attorneys and legal experts gathered at the World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability. Issues discussed during the three-day meeting included new legal approaches to increase the effectiveness of global envi...
Indian ports stuck with toxic waste dumped by Europe
Arun Janardhanan, Times of India, 17th July 2012
CHENNAI: Hazardous products including dead batteries, arms waste like empty shells and cartridges, toxic substances, waste oil and carcinogens like asbestos are making their way to the 7,600-km-long Indian coastline, posing a serious threat to hundreds of fragile ecosystems along the shores. Large quantities of this entire...
Bad Romance in Ulaan Baatar
Nirmal Ghosh, ST Blogs, 17th July 2012
On the floor of the factory shed in a ramshackle potholed industrial zone on the outskirts of Mongolia’s capital, are strewn nine huge cylinders of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), an industrial gas used in this case to make insulation pads for the walls of buildings. The hundreds of foam pads are stacked up against a wa...
Hazardous taints foul food exports
Elly Burhaini Faizal, Jakarta Post, 17th July 2012
Indonesia’s food exports are suffering as foreign nations are declining to admit locally produced goods that they say contain tainted ingredients, a top food safety official says.Many Indonesian food products have failed to gain access to foreign markets for not complying with their higher standards, Suratmono, the Nati...
BBC Documentary Uncovers Extent of Waste Tyre Crime
Waste Management World, 16th July 2012
Criminal gangs in the UK are dumping are harming legitimate tyre recycling operations by smuggling millions of end-of-life tyres into Asia and illegally dumping many more, according to a recent report in The Telegraph. Motorists having new tyres fitted to their vehicle usually pay the garage a fee of between one and two p...
Southeast Asia explore synergies on environment and disposal of counterfeit goods
UNEP OzonAction , 4th July 2012
Bangkok, 4 July 2012 – Government representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam and representatives from the private sector held the first Regional Workshop on the Disposal of Counterfeit Goods for the Judiciary, Law Enforcement Officials and Environmental Officers organised by the World Inte...
Cabinet clears Rs. 25-crore plan to airlift Bhopal waste
Ther Hindu, 4th July 2012
Almost three decades after deadly gases spewed out of the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, the Union Cabinet has finally approved the proposal to airlift 350 tonnes of toxic waste from the defunct pesticide factory site to Germany for safe disposal. Tuesday's Cabinet decision comes after attempts to dispose of the waste in ...
UN backed meeting to focus on reducing use of mercury
India Blooms News Service, 3rd July 2012
New York, July 3 (IBNS): Over 500 representatives from governments and civil society organizations are taking part in a United Nations-backed meeting in Punta del Este, Uruguay, which seeks to negotiate a global treaty that would reduce the use of mercury. The Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Ac...
JK Hospital dumping medical waste in open
Times of India, 3rd July 2012
KANPUR: After Lala Lajpat Rai and its concerned hospitals, now the authorities of JK Cancer hospital are dumping their bio-medical waste in open. Decomposing hazardous bio-medical waste in open grounds and municipal dustbins seems to be a habit of hospitals associated with Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi Medical College. On Monda...
Suspected hazardous dumping draws probe
Bangkok Post, 3rd July 2012
A team will be set up to investigate 96 waste disposal factories that are suspected of dumping illegally. The 30-member team will finish the investigations within one month, says Industrial Works Department (DIW) director-general Prapat Vanapitak. Factories that dispose of waste illegally will be subject to penalties, inc...
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