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MMRDA's e-waste processing project gains momentum
India, 9th December 2011
The development of an integrated e-waste processing facility at Mankoli, Bhiwandi, on public-private partnership basis just gained momentum as 16 players  Indian and International  participated in the pre-bid meeting today.   e-waste in itself presents a daunting task. The State of Maharashtra is the top co...
Taskforce launched to catch waste crooks
By Belinda Bennett, Midweek Herald, 8th December 2011
Illegal waste sites are to be targeted by a new environmental crime taskforce, it has been announced.   The Environment Agency says illegal waste sites pose a real threat to the environment, contaminating land and rivers with oil and toxic chemicals.   They can also pose a risk to human health and blight co...
US Pushes Conservation Initiatives for Proposed Trans-Pacific Pact
Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest, 7th December 2011
Provisions aimed at protecting fish and wildlife species are being backed by the US for inclusion in a proposed trans-Pacific trade deal, according to top US officials. The details of the Washington-supported conservation initiatives were announced on 5 December.   Speaking about the negotiating proposals on Monday, ...
Argentina Inundated With E-Waste
By Marcelar Valente, Eurasia Review, 22nd November 2011
The shop is filled to bursting with buyers. One by one, customers follow a salesperson to one of a row of booths where they are provided with a wealth of information on the mobile phones for sale. But nobody tells them what to do with the old phones they are replacing. This scene is replayed every day in the two-floor reta...
Yangtze River Pollution Imperils Hundreds of Millions
By Tang Wen Gao Zitan, The Epoch Times, 22nd November 2011
The banks of China’s Yangtze River are crowded with chemical factories, which dump massive amounts of toxic waste water into the river, affecting hundreds of millions of people who rely on the river for drinking water. Nevertheless, a Chinese official recently stated that the Yangtze’s water quality “overall is good a...
KSPCB to entrust e-waste Data collection to NGOs, Kerala, 21st November 2011
KOZHIKODE: The Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) will hand over the data collection process of Electronic Waste(E-Waste) to non-governmental organisations in the coming month as the board does not have enough manpower to handle the process. This decision is being taken in view of the e-waste rule coming into ef...
IG asks cops to stop illegal mining in Bokaro
Times of India, 20th November 2011
BOKARO: Inspector General, North Chottanagpur Zone, M L Meena on Thursday directed SPs to speed up disposal of cases besides also to take necessary action against stopping illegal mining and transportation of coals in their respective areas. Meena told the SPs' of Bokaro, Ramgarh, Koderma, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh, Giridih to c...
Customs seizes contraband and smuggled goods from transshipment
7thSpace Interactive, HKSAR Government, 18th November 2011
Hong Kong (HKSAR) - Hong Kong Customs has smashed two transshipment smuggling cases during the past two days (November 16 and 17) involving unmanifested cargoes violating different ordinances with a total value of about $6.8 million.Through risk assessment, Customs officers on November 16 selected for cargo examination a 20...
Hazardous industries: It's time for corporate responsibilty
The Express Tribune, 18th November 2011
ISLAMABAD: There is a dire need for identifying and cleaning the “chemically polluted” cities in the country as they pose a serious threat to the public health. This was stated by environment protection experts on Wednesday. They were speaking at a two-day workshop which has been organised by the Sustainable Devel...
Indonesia to monitor used electronics
By Tifa Asrianti, Jakarta Post, 18th November 2011
Indonesia will be better protected against electronic waste (e-waste) after the global ban on electronic waste exports was agreed to in Colombia last month, an official at the Environment Ministry says.More than 170 countries agreed to accelerate the adoption of a global ban on the export of hazardous waste such as old elec...
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