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ASEAN leaders agree to study 'expanded' ASEAN Maritime Forum
Mainichi Daily News, 18th November 2011
NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Kyodo) -- Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations agreed Thursday to ''explore'' the possibility of including ASEAN dialogue partners such as Japan in an ''expanded'' meeting of the ASEAN Maritime Forum on security and safety issues. ''We agreed to explore the possibility of convening an ...
Trafigura appeal opens in Dutch court
AFP, 15th November 2011
AMSTERDAM — An appeal against a million-euro fine on multinational oil trader Trafigura for the illegal export of toxic waste later dumped in Ivory Coast after a stopover in the Netherlands, started Monday. Trafigura was fined one million euros by a Dutch court in July last year for breaking European waste export laws wh...
Govt, experts vow to investigate chemically polluted sites in Pak: SDPI
South Asian News Agency, 15th November 2011
ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Deliberating on their existing status and the health and environmental impacts of chemically polluted sites in the country, the national and international experts, and representatives of national and provincial Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) unanimously resolve to accelerate the process of ident...
Scottish Government Appoints Taskforce To Stamp Out Green Crime
eGov monitor, Scottish Government, , 14th November 2011
An Environmental Crime Taskforce is being set up in Scotland to tackle the growing problem of environmental crime - from illegal dumping to organised crime. Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead announced the move today as he pledged that Scotland would not allow criminals to profit at the expense of the nation's national...
APEC leaders commit to green trade liberalization
By Doug Palmer, Reuters, 14th November 2011
Countries to identify targeted goods over the next year * Plan to cut tariffs to 5 percent on list of goods * APEC pledges to eliminate domestic content requirements (Updates throughout with announcement) HONOLULU, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Asia Pacific leaders, including the United States and China, committed on Sunday to slas...
Crackdown on global trade in illegal toxic trash
Herald Scotland, 13th November 2011
INVESTIGATORS have stopped more than 40 large-scale illegal shipments of toxic waste leaving Scotland in the last year as part of a crackdown on the multi-million pound criminal trade in waste. The shipments of Scotland’s most hazardous junk are bound for foreign countries – usually impoverished third world nations. T...
Major alert over illegal trade in nuclear materials
By ZEPHANIA UBWANI, Daily Nation, 13th November 2011
Police and other state organs are on alert against illegal trafficking of nuclear materials into the country, the director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Robert Manumba has affirmed. He confirmed that there were several incidents where radioactive materials have been brought into Tanzania or those legal...
Health Care Wastes Get WHO's Attention
Occupational Health and Safety, 11th November 2011
A new fact sheet posted by the World Health Organization summarizes the problems posed by wastes generated by health care activities. It says high-income countries generate on average up to 0.5 kg of hazardous wastes per hospital bed daily, while low-income countries average 0.2 kg of hazardous waste per hospital bed per da...
Time to stop our electronic waste being dumped on the developing world
The Guardian, Stephen Metcalfe for the Guardian Professional Network, 11th November 2011
The pace of change in technology is unrelenting. Electric and electronic products are outdated in the blink of an eye, consigned to the rubbish tip of history, and too often to the rubbish tip of the world. Electrical and electronic waste is the fastest growing stream of global waste and will continue to be dumped in those ...
Fears of toxic leakage bring call for factory inspections
By Chularat Saengpassa, The Nation, 11th November 2011
Speaking at a Bangkok seminar, Human Rights Commission head Nirand Phithakwatchara said an open letter would be delivered to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra asking her to order mandatory inspections. Wastewater and toxic substances need to be treated or neutralised before being discharged from the estates to public area...
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