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Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the Environment 2011
New Electronics, 9th November 2011
Organised by ERA Technology, the event takes place on 16 to 17 November 2011 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel & Conference Centre, Heathrow, London. ERA's well established annual conference is acknowledged as the single most important event for exchanging knowledge about environmental legislation and regulations. 2011 i...
Jail Time for Illegally Dumping Over a Million Tyres
Waste Management World, 9th November 2011
A man has received a 15 month jail sentence following a successful prosecution by the UK's Environment Agency (EA) for illegally dumping over a million waste tyres across the country.  According to the EA, it had been investigating Carl David Steele after its officers found over 3000 tyres at hisLincolnshire site. Duri...
A tenth of Chinese farmland polluted by heavy metals
By Iain Thomson, Register, 8th November 2011
A new report on environmental pollution in China has shown that around ten per cent of the country’s farmland is heavily contaminated with lead, zinc, and other heavy metals. China's Southern Metropolitan Daily reports that Wan Bentai, the chief engineer for China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that "in to...
Dead fish found in Salt Lake
By Suman Chakraborti, Times of India, 8th November 2011
KOLKATA: Dead fish found floating in waterbodies in Salt Lake and Sector V has alarmed city environmentalists. Recently, Peoples' Green Society, a green NGO, noticed several fish dying on the small waterbodies off Sector V. A few other NGOs also noticed it. Pollution of waterbodies with even hazardous waste thrown in them ...
E-waste: Rules ready; action to follow, 7th November 2011
THIRUVANANATHAPURAM: The E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules-2010, promulgated by the Government of India, will be implemented? in the state from 2013. According to K Sajeevan,? Chairman, Kerala State Pollution Control Board (PCB),? in the first year of implementation of the rules, the PCB would be conducting an extensi...
Is CFL a threat or a boon to the environment?, 7th November 2011
BANGALORE: After reeling under acute power shortage, the State Government is actively looking at making usage of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs mandatory across all households in Karnataka, as a measure to reduce power consumption. Unfortunately, lack of proper CFL disposal measures make CFL a potential health hazard...
Public forests becoming rubbish dumps
ABC Online, 7th November 2011
There is a growing problem with people dumping toxic waste and other rubbish in New South Wales north coast public forests. State Forests, the National Parks Service and local councils believe the main culprits are people trying to avoid paying tip fees. David Wilson from Forest New South Wales says a significant issue is...
Hazardous waste on our shores
By Timothy Walker, The New Age Online, 7th November 2011
At the Maritime and Coastal Security Africa conference in Cape Town from October 26-28, presenters frequently alluded to the problems posed by toxic waste pollution and the threat it poses to human security in Africa. What emerges from conferences such as these is the fact that there is a clear and lamentable dearth of kno...
Environment and Security Ministries sign accord to protect Costa Rica's marine resources
By Clayton R. Norman, Tico Times, 7th November 2011
The heads of Costa Rica’s Public Security and Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministries (MSP and MINAET, respectively) signed an accord Monday establishing an alliance between the two organizations to work together to protect Costa Rica’s marine resources. The agreement is part of the development of the Sys...
Albania Passes Waste Import Law
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, 4th November 2011
Parliament in Albania has passed legislation allowing the import of waste from abroad. Hundreds of Albanians, who fear their country will become the dumping ground for countries like Italy, protested outside parliament in Tirana as lawmakers debated the bill inside. President Bamir Topi had opposed the legislation as did...
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