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Food Manufacturing Company in Ward Hill, Mass. Cited for Clean Air Act Violations
OzoNews, 15th October 2011
A food manufacturing company from Ward Hill, Mass., faces a possible $108,320 fine for 12 violations of the federal Clean Air Act. According to a complaint filed by EPA’s New England office, Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods Inc. violated the Stratospheric Ozone Protection regulations of the federal Clean Air Act that establi...
Banned Gases Still in Use in the UAE - and a Threat
OzoNews , 15th October 2011
Harmful refrigeration and air-conditioning gases that were banned from import nearly two years ago are still in use and threatening the ozone layer, an expert says. The UAE prohibited the import of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in January last year. But Stuart Fleming, the managing director of a company that recycles refri...
Anti-dumping probe begins on polyurethane imports
China Daily, 14th October 2011
BEIJING -- The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said it started on Thursday a review of the anti-dumping investigation concerning polyurethane products imported from Japan, Singapore, the Republic of Korea (ROK), the United States and the Taiwan region. During the investigation, polyurethane products from the above exporters wil...
Support For Thuggery Against Greenpeace Worrying
Jakarta Globe, 14th October 2011
On July 15 this year, when members of the thuggish Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR) staged a rally outside the headquarters of environmental group Greenpeace in Kemang, South Jakarta, Greenpeace staff invited several of the group's leaders into the building for a chat. The FBR claims to represent the interests of the Orang B...
A green economy: Is it possible?
By Agus Sari, Jakarta Post, 14th October 2011
Next year is Rio+20. In 1992, leaders of the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to agree on a different way to develop, and signed the Earth Charter, as well as other international environmental agreements including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The so-called World Conference o...
Environmental Law violations abound
Viet Nam News, 13th October 2011
Environmental Law violations abound In the last five years, the Ministry of Public Security's Environmental Crime Police Department has imposed a total of VND135 billion (US$6.4 million) in fines for 11,224 violations of the Environment Law nationwide. About 220 exporting and processing zones and industrial parks nationwi...
Dumping appliances, e-waste is a growing, costly problem
Green Bay Press Gazette, 5th October 2011
There is a down side for agencies that accept unwanted items in Door County for resale: Sometimes donations are dropped off during hours when organizations aren't open. Dumping — anything from a bag of clothing, televisions and refrigerators on their doorstep — is an added cost for nonprofits. "We need good items gent...
Tackling the EU's e-waste mountain
European Parliament, 4th October 2011
EU Member States should be obliged to collect and recycle more discarded fridges, phones and other e-waste, said the Environment Committee on Tuesday. MEPs want to make it easier for consumers to return small products and harder for unscrupulous operators to ship e-waste illegally out of the EU. The Environment Committee'...
Asbestos dumpers in Moreland do it in bulk
Melbourne Times Weekly, 4th October 2011
ASBESTOS dumping in Moreland is raising health concerns and costing the council thousands of dollars. Moreland mayor Oscar Yildiz said illegal dumping was "out of control". As well as dangerous asbestos, about 3000 mattresses are dumped in Moreland City every year. More than 1400 tonnes of rubbish, including asbestos, ...
National e-recycling strategy ignores export component
American Recycler Newspaper, 4th October 2011
The latest major development aimed at controlling electronic waste disposal occurred at a press event in late July in Austin, Texas. There, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and major manufacturers of electronics signed an agreement to encourage certified recycling and support the best practices for en...
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