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India, Southeast Asia nations join hands
Deccan Chronicle, 2nd July 2012
India, Nepal, BanglaDesh and Paksitan have agreed to develop a joint institutional mechanism to protect the growing threat to wildlife in their region. This joint mechanism has been developed because presently, wildlife is being poached in one country, stockpiled in another and then traded across the South Asia region. Thi...
Pollution dump not newsworthy: Palmer
AAP, Wotrld News Australia, 26th June 2012
Billionaire Clive Palmer says he is not creating an environmental concern by dumping polluted water into the Great Barrier Reef. Mining magnate Clive Palmer says his plans to dump polluted water off north Queensland's coast is neither newsworthy nor damaging to the environment. His comments come after Queensland Nickel ...
Advocates Raise Alarm Over Mercury
ELLALYN B. DE VERA, Manila Bulletin, 26th June 2012
MANILA, Philippines --- On the eve of a global meeting on mercury pollution, anti-toxics advocate EcoWaste Coalition led the E-Jeep Toxics Tour in Manila to urge the government to act against mercury pollution and raise public awareness on the health and environmental threats posed by mercury in products and waste. The ...
International Product Support Company Senior Vice President Sentenced For The Illegal Purchase and Sale of Smuggled Ozone-Depleting Refrigerant Gas
26th June 2012
Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Maureen O’Mara, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Criminal Investigation Division, Atlanta Area Office, and Alysa D. Erichs, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Secu...
South-South cooperation in Mongolia - Train-the-Trainers Workshop to enforce laws on ODS
UNEP OzonAction, 25th June 2012
Ulaanbaatar, 25 June 2012 – China, Iran and Mongolia demonstrated the usefulness of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region when they joined forces to conduct a three-day “Enforcement Training on the Montreal Protocol” which opened today in Ulaanbaatar. China, the largest producer and supplier of HCFCs, an ozone-deple...
Report Says Number of Environmentalists Killed Has Doubled Over Last 3 Years
Timon Singh, Inhabitat, 25th June 2012
Environmental activists sometimes put themselves in harm’s way to protect natural resources, and according to a new report from Global Witness the number of people killed defending the natural world has almost doubled over the last three years. The figures were published in a report called A Hidden Crisis?, whic...
Israel Introduces E-Waste Management Bill
Leigh Cuen, Green Prophet, 18th June 2012
The Israeli government continues to process a bill that will regulate, for the first time, management of the country’s electronic waste. If it gets approved by the Knesset, the bill would require manufacturers to finance the proper recycling of their materials. The bill would also stipulate that by 2020 it would be illeg...
Indonesia Blamed as Haze Returns to Malaysia
Jakarta Globe, 16th June 2012
Kuala Lumpur. Haze caused by forest fires in neighboring Indonesia blanketed parts of Malaysia including the capital on Saturday, causing air pollution to hit unhealthy levels.Haze is an annual problem during the monsoon season from May to September as winds blow the fumes from Sumatra across the Malacca Strait to Malaysi...
Cargo ship crewmember testifies he was ordered to dump plastic pipes enroute to Mobile
Brendan Kirby, Press Register,, 15th June 2012
MOBILE, Alabama — A crewmember of the Gaurav Prem testified today that his superior officer ordered him and other workers to dump plastic pipes overboard when the ship was between Korea and the Panama Canal last summer. The testimony of Bernard Penados Jr., along with pictures that members of the crew took, bo...
Seeking an answer to Chennai's mounting e-waste problem
Vasudha Venugopal, The Hindu, 15th June 2012
Pollution Control Board steps up drive on e-waste The next time you go to buy a laptop or a hard disk at one of those swanky showrooms, chances are that the salesperson would, besides telling you the features of the device, also give you detailed instructions on how to discard the equipment and the contact details of their...
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