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Administrative courts launch new environmental case divisions
Bangkok Post, 3rd August 2011
The administrative courts nationwide have launched new divisions to specifically handle cases related to environmental issues. The new divisions are intended to speed up the legal proceedings involving environment-related cases to better ensure justice and solve problems more quickly, said Supreme Administrative Court pres...
Environmental crime goes with corruption - By Trung Thanh, 3rd August 2011
VietNamNet Bridge – Environmental crime tends to “mix” with corruption and smuggling while acts that cause environmental pollution are popular, complicated and serious, noted a senior police officer. Major General Nguyen Xuan Ly, Chief of the Police Agency Against Environmental Crime (C49), made the above comments at...
Mercury found in 11 Chinese beauty products
Philippine Daily Inquirer - By Jocelyn R. Uy, 1st August 2011
At least 11 skin whitening creams made in China which are being sold here in Manila contain dangerous levels of mercury, according to toxic chemicals watchdog EcoWaste Coalition. Based on tests conducted by visiting Chicago-based scientist Dr. Joe DiGangi, the whitening products were found to contain up to 28,600 parts per...
UN to help Vietnam with industrial waste reduction
Báo Thanh Niên English, 31st July 2011
A United Nations organization has pledged to help Vietnam develop waste treatment techniques and reduce industrial pollution, the global body announced at a two-day conference this week. The project, supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), will be carried out over a two-year period in f...
Repeat Offender Shipping Firm Sentenced in New Orleans to Pay $ 1 Million and Banned in “Magic Pipe” Case
US Department of Justice, July 28, 2011, 28th July 2011
WASHINGTON – Four corporations involved in owning and operating a fleet of vessels regularly visiting New Orleans were today sentenced to pay a $1 million penalty and banned from doing business in the United States for the next five years by Judge Carl J. Barbier, the Justice Department announced. Stanships Inc. (Marsha...
Climate activist sentenced to 2 years in jail for civil disobedience - by Jeremy Hance, 27th July 2011
Yesterday a federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah convicted climate activist Tim DeChristopher of defrauding the US government, sentencing him to two years in jail and a fine of $10,000, reports the Associated Press. In December 2008, Tim DeChristopher, won the mineral rights for 22,500 acres of US Interior Department lan...
WWF partnering with companies that destroy rainforests, threaten endangered species - By Jeremy Hance, 25th July 2011
Picture: A new report finds that conservation giant WWF may demand too little when working with logging companies. Screenshot of WWF website. Arguably the globe's most well-known conservation organization, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), has been facilitating illegal logging, vast deforestation, and human rights abus...
Drive vs river litterbugs on
Manila Bulletin - By MAR T. SUPNAD, 25th July 2011
LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, Philippines — A reward is up for any concerned residents who can arrest persons polluting the rivers in the province. As part of his advocacies to protect the rivers and other tributaries, Governor Amado T. Gov. Espino, Jr. is offering P10,000 for each Pangasinense who will arrest or seize persons t...
Sick villagers wait for waste disposal
Bangkok Post, 19th July 2011
The committee, chaired by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry's permanent secretary Chote Trachoo, will choose between the two options on ore tailings management, according to Pollution Control Department chief Supat Wangwongwattana. The first option is to transport the ore tailings from the old mining site to a...
Indian PC firm produces ‘green’ computer
The Scavenger, 18th July 2011
One of India's relatively small PC manufacturing companies, Wipro, has beaten giants like Dell, Samsung and Lenovo to the finish line in producing a computer free of the worst toxic chemicals. The new computer, named "Greenware" is free of both hazardous PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFRs (brominated flame retardants). This...
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