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How Threatening are Toxic Chemicals in our Environment?
Environemental Trends, 18th July 2011
Unlike dirty air or water, the threat from toxic chemicals is usually unseen—sometimes, we worry, it may even be in our food, from chemical additives and pesticide residue.  The issues involved with the hundreds of potentially toxic substances in our environment are scientifically complex. There are a number of goo...
The Importance of Biodiversity
Environmental Trends, 18th July 2011
"Biodiversity” and the loss of wildlife habitat are the most serious environmental problems facing modern civilization. Polluted air and water can be cleaned up, contaminated land can be remediated, and forests can re-grow, but an extinct species cannot be brought back to life.  Problems of biodiversity, however, do ...
Toxic waste dumping foiled in Cavite
ABS-CBN News - By Chiara Zambrano, 16th July 2011
CAVITE, Philippines – More than 60 barrels of hazardous chemicals were found by authorities in a deserted lot in a village in Dasmariñas, Cavite Friday. This, after residents of Barangay Langkaan Uno informed authorities of a foul smell coming from the lot. “May nag-report sa amin na ang ilog dito ay nagkulay chocola...
Camorra : Italy’s Bloodiest Mafia, 14th July 2011
Picture: BRAVE: Mark Franchetti with factory owner Pietro Russo (left) and his police guard Italy’s Bloodiest Mafia was a grim and terrifying lesson in what happens when scum explodes from the sewers and swamps a city. The city in this case is Naples, capital of the Campania region in southern Italy, and the scum the Cam...
Navy Petitioned to Recycle Decommissioned Ships, Rather Than Dump Them Into the Ocean News, 14th July 2011
Environmental groups have petitioned to halt the US Navy's practice of sinking contaminated old vessels in the high seas as part of target practice exercises. The petition alleges that the decommissioned ships used by the Navy in its "SINKEX" excercises contain a host of toxic materials including polychlorinated biph...
E-Waste bill gains broad support
BAN - By Jess Kamen, Politico, 13th July 2011
When it comes to electronics, gadget-loving Americans tend to take an "in with the new, out with the old" approach - with little regard for what happens to the old. But the fate of discarded computers, cellphones and TVs is precisely what's at the heart of a bill recently introduced on Capitol Hill. A bipartisan group of ...
Intercon case shows arbitration need
BAN - By Sean Davidson, American Metals , 8th July 2011
Rapid developments in action taken against Intercon Solutions Inc. and the company's subsequent pursuit of evidence it believes will serve as vindication has increased the need for arbitration or a structured due process before electronic recyclers are stripped of certification, according to market sources. If Intercon Sol...
Green group says big polluters get $7.1bn bonus
ECO News, BY David Twomey, 17th June 2011
Analysis by a leading green group suggests that exemptions for major polluters under the renewable energy target (RET) will cost Australia $7.1 billion by 2030.   Under the RET, electricity retailers are required to purchase a proportion of their power from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal....
China asks PHL to check 'illegal waste' shipment
GMA News, 2nd June 2011
Beijing has asked Manila to investigate what it said is an illegal shipment of metal waste products to China from the Philippines. China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC), a private overseas inspector for the Chinese government, wrote Environment Secretary Ramon Paje to examine the circumstances surrounding a ship...
Plastic bag pollution fund pushed
Manila Bulletin. By CHARISSA M. LUCI, 1st June 2011
MANILA, Philippines — A party-list lawmaker has pushed for the establishment of a “plastic bag pollution fund” that would finance the environmental programs and projects PBA Rep. Mark Aeron Sambar filed House Bill 4462 imposing a “clean up charge” on those who use plastic bags when buying items or products. Know...
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