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How to combat the growing menace of e-waste
Ecologist. By Anja ffrench , 31st May 2011
More robust enforcement of laws designed to tackle the growing problem of e-waste is urgently needed, says Anja ffrench of Computer Aid, along with improved management of electrical waste by governments Every year, thousands of containers of e-waste make their way from the UK to dumping grounds in Africa, China and India,...
Philippines calls for ASEAN action on biodiversity
Philippine Daily Enquirer Agence France-Presse, 30th May 2011
MANILA, Philippines – Southeast Asian countries must act now to protect the region’s biodiversity in the face of those who want to plunder its resources for a quick profit, the Philippine president said on Monday. As an example of the threat, President Benigno Aquino III cited the discovery this month of a huge shipmen...
DEQ arrests men in Washington and Ouachita Parishes and obtains conviction in Ascension
Baton Rouge News USA, 27th May 2011
Three men were arrested for environmental crimes in Ouachita and Washington parishes and one company pled guilty and was fined in Ascension parish. Yesterday evening, Melvin Ray White, Jr., 48, of Angie, was arrested for dumping, and illegal burning of tires. Last week, Richard Frost, 68, West Monroe and Ronnie C...
Guilty plea in water pollution case
The State, 25th May 2011
A Batesburg-Leesville construction company owner has pleaded guilty to a violation of the U.S. Clean Water Act that involved 4 million gallons of industrial waste water. John Ashley Mabus, 44, of Mabus Brothers Construction Co., Inc., made the plea Tuesday in federal court in Columbia. The case presented by the U.S. Attorn...
Hidden Consequences: The unseen price of water pollution
Environment Zambia, 25th May 2011
Toxic pollution is often unseen. But many of the hazardous chemicals that are discharged into our rivers can stay there for years to come and accumulate inside living organisms. Some can cause cancer while others disrupt hormone systems. Yet they are still used and released polluting the rivers and lakes around us. Today m...
PIC join hands to control harmful chemicals
The Jet, Written by shalendra, 23rd May 2011
Picture: Minister Saumatua with UNEP Paris, Mr James Curlin during the exchange of gifts. TWENTY seven customs officers from Pacific Islands Countries came together to consider means to address environmental crime in the region due to the phasing out of Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) during a Green Customs Initiative wo...
Crucial Delhi High Court Hearing on Hazardous Incinerator Case
Toxic Watch Blogspot, 23rd May 2011
Okhla Anti-Incinerator Committee - PRESS NOTE Crucial Delhi High Court Hearing on May 23 NEW DELHI, May 23 - A crucial hearing at the Delhi High Court on May 23, Monday may determine the future of India’s first “waste-to-energy” being built by Jindal Ecopolis in the teeth of opposition by residents of Okhla - that i...
Kraft to pay $8.1M to settle pollution lawsuit
The Associated Press, 20th May 2011
Kraft Foods Inc. will pay $8.1 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over pollution at a former factory in Attica, Ind. The lawsuit, filed in 2009 and representing nearly 130 families, claimed pollution from a former Kraft factory contaminated the groundwater beneath their homes and spread cancer-causing vapors. A U.S....
EU moves to ban plastic bags
Kabibi, 20th May 2011
THE EU was under fire last night for seeking a ban on plastic shopping bags to fight pollution. Shops in Britain could be outlawed from stocking them, or alternatively there might be a new tax to dramatically reduce their use. But angry retailers say any move would hit sales, while doing nothing to save the environment. ...
Earthmoving firm fined $6K over illegal dumping
ABC News, 18th May 2011 The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says a fine and clean-up notice for a northern Victorian firm sends a clear warning to companies about illegal dumping of waste. Earthmoving company North Sons was fined $6,000 for using a paddock at Leitchville to dump do...
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