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Chris Huhne briefs MPs on long-term carbon target
BBC News, 17th May 2011
Chris Huhne has committed the UK to halving carbon emissions by 2025, from 1990 levels, and changing the way that the country produces energy. The energy secretary - who is battling claims he asked someone close to him to take speeding points for him - briefed MPs on the UK's fourth "carbon budget". He said there would be...
EIA, 16th May 2011
System failures and abuses allow toxic tech to be shipped to Africa A TOXIC flood of discarded technology is illegally leaving the UK to wash up in Africa, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reveals in its new report System Failure: The UK’s harmful trade in electronic waste Disposing of e-waste is fast beco...
Undercover investigations into e-waste smuggling
Eco-Business. By Waste Management World , 16th May 2011
With the global proliferation of technology continuing to snowball at an exponential rate, the issue of electronic waste has become a global problem of epic proportions. According to estimates by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), around the world some 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced annually, of whic...
Operation tackles metal thieves and illicit scrap processors
Yorkshire Post, 16th May 2011
ENVIRONMENT Agency officers and South Yorkshire Police have revealed the results of a week-long operation to target metal thieves and illegal scrap traders. The agency said it had concentrated on sites in Rotherham including illegal vehicle breaking operations and scrapyards during the crackdown, which ended on Friday. O...
Two arrests in raids on scrapyards
The Star, 16th May 2011
TWO people have been arrested on suspicion of dealing with stolen vehicles as part of a crackdown on illegal breakers’ yards and metal theft in South Yorkshire. The operation was carried out by officers from the Environment Agency and South Yorkshire Police, who targeted four sites in Rotherham. Officers visited sites ...
Teck Metals Ltd. Agrees to Pay $100,000 to Environmental Damages Fund for Recent Chemical Spills
Environment Canada, 13th May 2011
TRAIL, B.C. - Teck Metals Ltd. has agreed to pay $325,000 for depositing mercury into the Columbia River, and allowing a leachate to overflow into Stoney Creek. This action is in response to two chemical spills that took place in 2010. Of the total amount being paid, $100,000 will go to the Environmental Damages Fund (EDF)...
Crackdown on enviro-crimes
Durham County Council, 13th May 2011
Firm action is being taken to tackle environmental crimes such as littering and dog fouling. Durham County Council’s neighbourhood wardens issued over 600 fixed penalty notices over the past year (April 2010 – March 2011) in the drive to clean up the county. A total of 461 fines were given out to litter offenders, wit...
Two men to face charges for polluting
Eco-Business. Posted By Sheila Ngo , 13th May 2011
Prosecutors in Shanghai’s Songjiang district have approved the formal arrest of two men suspected of dumping acid directly into a river and causing severe pollution. The two suspects, surnamed Jiang and Dong, dumped 60 tons of waste acid into the Honghe River in the Songjiang district between February and March. They are...
U.S. EPA gives $2.5 million grant to track e-Waste overseas
Electronic Waste Journal, 10th May 2011
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a five-year, $2.5 million grant to the United Nations University to reduce pollution and health problems associated with improperly discarded electronics. The grant, awarded to UNU’s Institute for Sustainability and Peace, will help authorities track shipments of North...
Fiji to host 3rd Meeting of the Pacific Island Countries Network for Ozone Environment, 10th May 2011
Workshop and Joint Meeting of Ozone Officers and Customs Officers Cabinet has agreed that Fiji host the 3rd Meeting of the Pacific Island Countries (PIC) Network for Ozone (ODS) Environment Officers from 23rd – 25th May, 2011; the Green Customs Workshop from 23rd – 25th May, 2011; and the Joint Meeting of Ozone Enviro...
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