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Laos’ massive dam project on hold
WildLife Extra, 24th April 2011
Potential negative impact finally recognised April 2011: Plans for building a massive dam in Laos have been put on hold. The intergovernmental panel of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) has deferred the final decision on the construction of the Xayaburi dam in Laos to the ministerial level, following concerns raised by Ca...
Megadairy hit with water pollution complaint
Chicago Breaking News - By Staff report, 21st April 2011
A controversial megadairy under construction in western Illinois has been hit with a water pollution complaint by the Illinois attorney general’s office. The complaint filed Wednesday with the Illinois Pollution Control Board accuses Traditions South Dairy near Stockton, Ill., in Jo Daviess County of allowing silage to l...
Incorrect disposal of unwanted medicines harms environment
The Irish Times By Eithne Donnellan, Health Correspondent, 19th April 2011
MOST UNWANTED or leftover prescription medicines are disposed of incorrectly, according to a new study. The study undertaken by the Centre for Health from Environment at NUI Galway’s Ryan Institute, found that disposal of medicines by flushing them down sinks and toilets, or including them in general household waste, is ...
Warming seas could push some fish species to limit: study
ENN, 18th April 2011
(Reuters) - Rapidly warming ocean temperatures in some parts of the world could be pushing some fish species to the limit, stunting their growth, increasing stress and raising the risk of death, a study shows. An Australian study, published on Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, focused on the long-lived fish speci...
“Environment Agency – Suspended sentence for waste crime”
Safety News By Stoker, 14th April 2011
“Yesterday a Wigan business owner narrowly escaped jail after Liverpool Crown Court handed down a 26 week prison sentence suspended sentence for two years for illegally depositing and burning of waste. After a joint investigation with Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council the Environment Agency successfully prosecuted Nigel ...
Camorra 'garbage king' assets seized
Flarenetwork, By anss , 13th April 2011
Picture: 'Extraordinary success' says justice minister Naples - Italian police on Wednesday seized some 13 million euros in assets from the suspected 'garbage king' of the notorious Casalesi clan in the Neapolitan Camorra mafia and a businessman who acted as a front for him with waste company offices in New York, Brazil, ...
Eagle Recycling of North Bergen pleads guilty in illegal dumping and subsequent coverup, and will pay $500,000 fine and pay restitution
North Bergen News By Ron Zeitlinger, 12th April 2011
Eagle Recycling of North Bergen yesterday pleaded guilty in federal court to dumping 8,100 tons of pulverized construction and demolition debris - including asbestos - in New York and then attempting to destroy documents to conceal it, authorities said. As part of the plea agreement, Eagle Recycling has agreed to pay a cr...
Carbon from Thawing Arctic Permafrost Will Amplify Global Warming
UNEP GEAS, 8th April 2011
Why is this issue important? Permafrost refers to places where the ground (soil, rock, organic material, and ice) remains below 0°C for at least two consecutive years. Most permafrost was formed during cold glacial periods; in the past, it has remained throughout warmer interglacial times, including over the pas...
Arctic ozone levels in never-before-seen plunge
BBC News By Richard Black, 5th April 2011
Picture: Long a consideration in the Antarctic, ozone levels in the Arctic are now a cause for concern The ozone layer has seen unprecedented damage in the Arctic this winter due to cold weather in the upper atmosphere. By the end of March, 40% of the ozone in the stratosphere had been destroyed, against a previous record...
Shippers plead guilty to pollution charges
Fox8, 1st April 2011
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Federal prosecutors say a shipping conglomerate has pleaded guilty to pollution and obstruction of justice charges. Four companies that operated the Americana, a cargo vessel, pleaded guilty Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Carl J. Barbier to 32 felony pollution and obstruction of justice counts. Bar...
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