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EU: Stop illegal exports of e-scrap By Brendan Palmer, 24th February 2011
The European Union is concerned about the ongoing illegal exports of e-waste to non-OECD countries, especially to developing countries where the material is not treated in an environmental way. This was one of the key issues discussed at the 10th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC 2011) held last month in Sa...
Liberian Shipping Company Sentenced To Pay $2.4 Million For Falsifying Oil Record Book And Lying To Cover Up Illegal Discharges Of Waste
The Cypress Times, 23rd February 2011
WASHINGTON – Cardiff Marine Inc, a Liberian-registered shipping company, was sentenced today in federal court in Baltimore after pleading guilty to a felony violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. The company admitted falsifying records of illegal discharges of oily waste from the M/V Capitola, making false ...
Canada cracks down on illegal exporters
GEEP Michigan, 21st February 2011
Two Canadian companies have pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally export e-scrap and discarded batteries, resulting in fines of tens of thousands of dollars. Jieyang Sigma Metal Plastic Inc., a parent company of J.S. Chen Recycling of Toronto, pleaded guilty late last month to three charges of violating Canadian enviro...
Canada Plans to Export More Death By Asbestos
Climate and Capitalism, 20th February 2011
ASBESTOS, Quebec — A plan to increase production from Canada’s last asbestos mine near this town named for the deadly mineral has enraged physicians and public health workers around the globe. They say the fibers from chrysotile ore, also called white asbestos, are to blame for a worldwide death count in the millions. ...
The gangs dumping your recycling in the Third World: Why that effort separating your rubbish may be a waste of time
Mail Online. By Jason Groves, 19th February 2011
Picture: Rubbish collected in Britain is often transported to the Third World Thousands of tons of recycling carefully sorted by families in  Britain is being dumped illegally in the Third World. A three-year investigation by the Environment Agency has uncovered a multi-million pound trade in shipping waste out of t...
Govts gear up to fight environmental crimes
The Straits Times. By Nirmal Ghosh, 18th February 2011
Experts call for better coordination to curb trade in illegal products BANGKOK - LAST November, detectives from India's Directorate of Revenue Intelligence seized an innocent-looking shipment of gas cylinders that had arrived in New Delhi from the Middle East. They were labelled as R-134A, a gas used in refrigeration that ...
Protection of biodiversity is essential for poverty reduction – Ayittey
GhanaWeb, 16th February 2011
GNA - Madam Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, noted on Wednesday that the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as a means for the eradication of extreme poverty has become a global challenge in recent times. She said the protection of biodiversity is an essential element in the fi...
The Cypress Times, 16th February 2011
Workers Improperly Removed and Disposed of Asbestos WASHINGTON – The construction manager for a renovation project at the Equitable Building in Des Moines, Iowa, pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to conspiracy to violate the Clean Air Act and for violating the Clean Air Act’s work practice standards related to as...
Chevron Found Guilty In Amazon Pollution Case
SFGate, 16th February 2011
Picture: Crude oil left by Texaco (now Chevron) in the Amazon rainforest. On Monday, after 17 years of intense legal battle, Chevron, the second largest oil company in the United States, was found guilty by Ecuadorian courts for massive environmental contamination of the Amazon and was ordered to pay a fine of $9 billion i...
Firm fined over failure to properly dispose of waste
Louhborough, 15th February 2011
A VEHICLE rental firm has been ordered by magistrates to pay more than 1,000 after failing to ensure the waste it generated was properly disposed of. A1 National Car and Van Rental Ltd, of D Breamer Court, Melton Road, Syston, was fined at Loughborough Magistrates Court after admitting failing to make adequate provision f...
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