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Waverley firm fined in electronic waste case
The Chronicle Herald. By Bill Power (Business Reporter), , 2nd February 2011
– Trying to ship a load of old computer and electronics parts to China will cost a Waverley company a $10,000 fine. N.W. Cole Associate Appraisers Ltd. pleaded guilty on Jan. 27 to violating the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, just weeks after landing in court on unrelated fraud charges. Environment Canada said ...
Malay scientists use tropical fruits to make batteries
SciDev - By Shiow Chin Tan, 1st February 2011
[KUALA LUMPUR] Malaysian engineers are harnessing the country's biodiversity to find alternative raw materials for high-tech electronic products such as electric vehicle batteries. They have discovered that bamboo, coconut shells and durian fruit skins can be converted into an activated form of carbon used to make the co...
Attempted Illegal Export of Hazardous Material Brings $30,000 Penalty
Environment Canada, 31st January 2011
TORONTO, Ont. -- An environmental enforcement investigation conducted by Environment Canada in co-operation with Transport Canada ended Friday, January 28, with a guilty plea from Jieyang Sigma Metal Plastic Inc., a parent company of J.S. Chen Recycling, of Toronto, in the Ontario Court of Justice. Jieyang Sigma Metal Plast...
N.W. Cole Associate Appraisers Limited to Pay $10,000 Penalty for Violating Federal Environmental Law
Environment Canada, 31st January 2011
HALIFAX, NS -- N.W. Cole Associate Appraisers Limited pleaded guilty to one charge of violating the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 during a court appearance on January 27, 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company was o...
World Economic Forum: UN Chief Calls for 'Clean Energy Revolution'
Environment News Service, 28th January 2011
DAVOS, Switzerland, January 28, 2011 (ENS) - "Revolutionary action" is needed to achieve sustainable development, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today told the government and business leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos. The UN chief issued an urgent warning that the past century's heedless consumption of resources i...
New plant to address growing energy needs in Philippines
Manila Bulletin, 27th January 2011
MANILA, Philippines – Bacavalley Energy Inc., the leading waste-to-energy developer in the Philippines, and GE (NYSE: GE) have inaugurated the first landfill gas power plant in the country to feature GE’s Jenbacher gas engines. The San Pedro Landfill Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation project will help meet the...
Hackers in muti-million euro raid on carbon credits
Manila Bulletin, 21st January 2011
BRUSSELS (AFP) – Hackers stole two million tonnes of polluting rights in a five-day raid this week on the European Union's carbon emissions trading system, an EU source said on Thursday. The volume of carbon credits stolen in online action, which a European Commission spokeswoman was "possibly concerted", represents just...
'Tyre fraud' arrests signal growing concern on waste
BBC News. By Richard Black, 20th January 2011
Officers from the Environment Agency and City of London police have arrested three men on suspicion of "tyre fraud". Used tyres are supposed to be recycled if they cannot be re-used. But there have been many reports of operations that appear either to be exporting unusable tyres overseas, or dumping them within the countr...
Menard ordered to pay $30,000 to settle illegal dumping charge
Journal Sentinel by Lee Bergquist, 18th January 2011
Retailer Menard Inc. has agreed to pay $30,000 in fines and court costs for violating state environmental laws in connection with a 2007 case in which a pallet of herbicide was dumped on a parking island of a Menard store in Onalaska. The judgment against Menard, which has a history of environmental violations in Wisconsin...
City Cracking Down On Rampant Illegal Dumping, 17th January 2011
SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Department Of Public Works told KTVU illegal dumping is an epidemic in the Bayview district and it plans to crack down on the problem. On any given day, there are piles of discarded couches and construction debris. One dump that occurred last week amounts to about 30 tons of discarded ...
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