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DM organizes seminar on policy and management on the use of refrigerants
Zawya, 12th December 2010
Environmental Studies and Planning Section of the Environment Department of Dubai MunicipalityDubai Municipality recently organized a seminar on the use of refrigerants and regulatory policies in line with the decisions of the UNEP. The seminar was attended by a number of government department coordinators and owners of b...
UN climate change talks in Cancun agree a deal
BBC News, 11th December 2010
Picture: Under the deal some countries will escape the extension of emission cuts under the Kyoto Protocol UN talks in Cancun have reached a deal to curb climate change, including a fund to help developing countries. Nations endorsed compromise texts drawn up by the Mexican hosts, despite objections from Bolivia. The dr...
Reducing global waste can help combat climate change – Report
Ghana Business News by Edmund Smith-Asante, 10th December 2010
Cutting emissions from the global waste sector, including the potent greenhouse gas methane, could play a part in combating climate change, says a new United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) report . The report, Waste and Climate Change: Global Trends and Strategy Framework, which was prepared by the UNEP’s Internati...
Don't make Texas the nation's radioactive waste dump
My SA by Karen Hadden/Guest Column, 10th December 2010
Texas is at risk of becoming the nation's radioactive waste dumping ground. The Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission is pushing forward a rule that essentially invites 36 or more states to dump radioactive waste in Texas. It would go to the Waste Control Specialists' site in Andrews County in West&n...
Onus On Manufacturers To Stop Digital Dumping
eWeek Europe by Pichayada Promchertchoo, 8th December 2010
ICT manufacturers worldwide should make the entire life-cycle of their products environmentally friendly, says Computer Aid In an effort to tackle the rising amount of e-waste, Computer Aid International is calling for ICT manufacturers to take responsibility for the environmental cost of their products throughout their en...
NY shops charged with dumping sewage into creek
The Wall Street Journal, 8th December 2010
NEW YORK — Several stores at Brooklyn shopping center have been dumping raw sewage and restaurant grease into a small creek that empties into Jamaica Bay, a wildlife jewel next to John F. Kennedy International Airport, authorities said Wednesday. The businesses, which include a Regal Entertainment multiplex theater, a ba...
Recycling center owner jailed on illegal burn, air pollution charges by Mary Dannemiller, 8th December 2010
The owner of a controversial Goshen Township recycling center is now serving 30 days in jail after being found guilty of one charge of illegal open burning or dumping and one charge of air pollution. Donnie Combs, owner of Combs Trucking & Land Improvement, was sentenced Thursday, Dec. 2, by Clermont County Common Plea...
Dredging of rivers leads to $50K fine against firm
The Salem News by Matthew K. Roy Staff writer , 7th December 2010
DANVERS — The Quincy-based company responsible for dredging the Crane and Porter rivers in Danvers has agreed to a $50,000 fine for dumping sediment in Beverly Harbor and other violations of the federal Ocean Dumping Act. Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Co. also overdredged in some areas and took unauthorized ...
Water commission fined for dumping chlorinated water into Lone Pine Creek
Mail Tribune, By Damian Mann, 6th December 2010
State health officials have slapped a $278,794 fine against the Medford Water Commission for discharging toxic levels of chlorinated water into Lone Pine Creek every winter since the 1950s. Chlorine, a disinfectant that helps ensure safe drinking water, is toxic to fish and other aquatic life. The state Department of Envir...
Company faces big fines for illegal sediment dumping
Boston.Com By Jessica Bartlett, 6th December 2010 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has filed a complaintalleging that a dredging company improperly dumped sediment from a Hingham project on at least 28 different occasions. In a complaint announced today, the EPA alleged tha...
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