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Kochi becomes new port of call for hazardous e-waste
Tehelka by Shahina KK , 6th December 2010
Picture: Scrapyard Indian generates 3.8 lakh tones of e-waste annually. India: They are imported in the name of charity, but end up becoming a health hazard rather than bridging the ‘digital divide’. Old computers, cell phones and television sets have silently made their way to Indian ports and Kochi has become the pop...
Shipping company pleads guilty in federal court
The Associated Press, 3rd December 2010
TAMPA, Fla. -- A shipping company has pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to charges of making false statements and dumping oily waste into the sea. The U.S. Department of Justice says Atlas Ship Management Ltd. pleaded guilty on Thursday. Officials say the company was sentenced to pay an $800,000 criminal fine, pay $10...
DA sues over illegal bio-waste dumping
The Daily Journal. By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff , 3rd December 2010
A defunct Burlingame biotech company put at least 115 containers of potentially carcinogenic hazardous waste in unmarked cardboard boxes and paid a residential moving company $200 to cart it away, according to prosecutors who are suing it and two former executive officers for illegal disposal. After closing Metrigen, Inc. ...
West Africa: Still a Dumping Site
Africa Bulletin, 3rd December 2010
In the late 80s, a series of scandals revealed by the local press and relayed by the international media put a harsh light on the consideration that the Western world was reserving Africa: the continent has become the garbage of the rich world. As Europe embraced ecology standards, its chemical residues, hospital waste and ...
Google unveils satellite platform to aid forest efforts
Reuters Canada, 2nd December 2010
CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) - Google Inc unveiled technology on Thursday it says will help build trust between rich and poor countries on projects designed to protect the world's tropical forests. Measuring the success of forest-protection plans in places like the Amazon, Indonesia and the Congo basin has always been difficul...
Berlusconi Races to Clear Naples Trash as Government Faces Confidence Vote
Bloomberg, 2nd December 2010
Picture: An Italian army soldier wearing a protective suit disinfects and removes waste in Quarto, a suburb of Naples. Photographer: Carlos Hermann/AFP/Getty Images Tons of trash are piling up in the streets of Naples, leaving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi racing to sort out the mess before Dec. 14 confidence...
Special report Criminal gangs cash in on thriving illegal e-waste trade
Ecologist, By Matilda Lee, 2nd December 2010
Picture: Law enforcement agencies are increasingly worried about the links between e-waste and organised crime. The Environment Agency and Interpol are being forced to tackle the growing trade in electrical waste to stop our unwanted TVs, computers and refrigerators falling into the wrong hands In the same month that the...
3 men charged with illegally dumping horticulture waste
Naple News, 1st December 2010
Two Bonita Springs men and one from Naples were caught red-handed by a deputy dumping horticulture waste Tuesday, according to arrest records. Lance Freland, 40, of the 27000 block of Dortch Avenue; Timothy Michael Moore, 32, of the 27000 block of Harold Street, both in Bonita Springs; and Danyal Adam Doll, 26, of the 3400...
Global crackdown on illegal waste shipping promotes cross-border cooperation
American Recyler, 1st December 2010
A simultaneous environmental inspection initiative at seaports in June and July 2010 involving authorities from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe resulted in the detection of illegal hazardous and electronic waste and confirmed the benefits of informal international cooperation to respond to illegal transboundary movem...
EPA fines West's largest toxic waste dump $300,000
Bloomberg Business Week. By Garance Burke, 30th November 2010
Fresno, California: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is fining the West's largest hazardous waste dump more than $300,000 for alleged improper disposal of cancer-causing chemicals. Residents near the Kettleman Hills dump in Central California previously expressed concerns that it was linked to a high rate of birth ...
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