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ASEAN and Bhutan Rangers Train to Secure Forests Against Poaching and Illegal Logging
Freeland Foundation, 5th October 2010
Photo caption: Organizers open the first regional training for ASEAN and Bhutan’s leading forest rangers at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.From left: Clarissa Arida – ACB’s Director of Program Development and Implementation, Manoch Karnpanak-ngan – the superintendent of Khao Yai National Park, Dr.Apichai Thirathon...
Rubbish scandal turns violent
Reuters, 4th October 2010
Police in Naples found 12 Molotov cocktails ready to be used by criminal gangs against garbage trucks, authorities said on Sunday as a scandal over waste collection in the southern Italian city deepened. The incendiary devices were found beside a road leading to a disputed waste dump at Terzigno, a town in the shadow of M...
Exposed: Scotland’s toxic waste is poisoning Africa and Asia
Herald Scotland, 26th September 2010
  Picture: A ‘tsunami’ of old TVs is being exported   Tens of thousands of tonnes of toxic waste from Scotland are being illegally dumped in Africa and Asia every year with the help of organised criminal gangs, according to an investigation by the Scottish Government’s environmental watchdog. Mountains o...
Police, protesters clash as trash rises in Naples
AFP, 25th September 2010
    Picture: People walk by a huge pile of uncollected garbage on a street downtown Naples on September 23 Naples, Italy — Police clashed with citizens opposing the use of a rubbish dump as hundreds of tons of waste piled up on Naples's streets Friday, three years after a trash crisis hit the southe...
Jefferson Davis Parish dumping draws fine
Associated Press, 25th September 2010
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - A Lake Charles man has pleaded guilty to the illegal disposal of solid waste in Jefferson Davis Parish. In a Friday news release, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality announced that 51-year-old Matthew King was ordered to pay $2,000 in criminal fines plus court costs, stemming from char...
The truth about the ozone hole
Helium, 25th September 2010
The first truth about the ozone hole is that we can make a difference. We made a difference in its original creation. We are making a difference now in turning the tide. On September 16, 1987, 196 nation-states committed to ending ozone depletion by phasing out the use of chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochloroflurocarbo...
Colossal coral bleaching kills up to 95 percent of corals in the Philippines, 23rd September 2010
Picture: Millepora coral in the Philippines prior to bleaching event. Photo courtesy of Pierre Fidenci. It is one of the most worrisome observations: fast massive death of coral reefs. A severe wide-scale bleaching occurred in the Philippines leaving 95 percent of the corals dead. The bleaching happened as the result of...
China's environmental challenges have global implications: MSU scientists
One India, 22nd September 2010
, Sept 22 (ANI): China's environmental challenges have global implications, and therefore, developed nations like the United States should help the country adopt integrated solutions for the sake of global sustainability , Michigan State University environmental scientists argue. Jianguo "Jack" Liu, Director of the MSU C...
Greek Shipper Fined $4 Million for Dumping Oil Through 'Magic Hose'
ENS Newswire, 21st September 2010
                                                Picture: The Port of Baltimore sign (Pho...
Zimbabwe: Methyl Bromide Phase-Out on Course
The Herald, 20th September 2010
Harare — Zimbabwe has made great strides in phasing out ozone depleting substances and is set to achieve the total eradication of use of methyl bromide ahead of the 2015 deadline stipulated under the Montreal Protocol, a Cabinet minister has said. Addressing journalists on Ozone Day commemorations recently, Environment a...
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