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Toxic Waste Dumping in Iraq Leading to Criminal Action?
Grognews Blogspot, 15th June 2010
Looks like there's going to be criminal repercussions from toxic waste dumping in Iraq. The American military has announced an investigation into its disposal of hazardous material in Iraq and declared its intention to prosecute anyone violating environmental standards.The announcement comes after The Times disclosed that ...
Dumping 'killing Bahrain coral reef'
Manama, 14th June 2010
Environmentalists claim illegal dumping has destroyed much of Bahrain's marine life and habitats and is also threatening the survival of its coral reef. They believe most of the damage has been caused by contractors dumping their rubbish into the sea and have called on the authorities to take tough action. 'There are truc...
"Waste cheats" jailed over illegal dumping of commercial trash, 12th June 2010
Firms warned to check waste disposal companies’ licences to avoid falling foul of rogue operators. Businesses were warned yesterday to ensure they know how their waste is disposed of, after two men were given prison sentences for operating an illegal waste dumping company. Chief executive of the Environment Agency (EA),...
Garages face prosecution over illegal tyre dumping, 10th June 2010
Garages and tyre dealers are being warned that they could face significant fines or custodial sentences if they fail to recycle their used tyres correctly. The warning has been issued by the Tyre Recovery Association following the recent prosecution of nine individuals who were fined nearly £75,000 for illegally dumping r...
Palestine- An Israeli dumping ground for radioactive/toxic waste
The Palestine Telegraph, 8th June 2010
UK (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - We have seen the decades of suffering by the Palestinian people at the hands of the apartheid government of Israel and yet little has been said about another unseen problem that lies buried beneath the ground. Over a long period of time the Israeli Government has secretly been dumping hi...
NYS charges 2 Buffalo contractors with dumping asbestos
Mesothelioma News, 7th June 2010
 BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - The state Attorney General's Office says two western New York contractors have been charged with illegally dumping tons of asbestos-contaminated debris inside an abandoned warehouse in Buffalo. Authorities say 45-year-old Robert Bishop of East Amherst and 47-year-old Salvatore Capizzi of Grand Is...
Environmental Groups Sue BP Under Clean Water Act
Circle of Blue WaterNews, 7th June 2010
Picture: ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – A Brown Pelican prepares to enter the water at the Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge near St. Petersburg May 23, 2010. The bird was rescued and cleaned by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service after being found oiled near Louisiana’s coast. Photo Courtesy USCG   Landmark act could be...
Mafia's waste disposal business flourishes in Italy in 2009
AFP, 4th June 2010
ROME — The mafia's waste disposal and illegal dumping business in Italy continued to flourish in 2009, defying the global economy's woes, environmental organisation Legambiente said on Friday. Circumventing environmental regulations is "the only business that is immune from crises," Legambiente said in a statement, estim...
FG detains another vessel carrying hazardous waste
The Punch, 4th June 2010
The Federal Government has detained a vessel, MV GUMEL, suspected to be carrying eight containers of hazardous waste such as fridges, used televisions, used batteries and compressor pots. The ship was detained on arrival at Tincan Island Port, Lagos State at 3.30pm on May 29, 2010. The Public Relations Officer, Nigeria Cu...
State indicts four men for illegal dumping of leaking chemical drums in Jersey City
Everything HUDSON, 23rd May 2010
JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor announced on Friday that the Division of Criminal Justice Major Crimes Bureau has obtained state grand jury indictments charging four men with illegally dumping 18 drums containing inks and used solvents at an industrial prop...
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