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Britain's waste: Now it's coming back to haunt us
Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 26th May 2012
Amid the stacks of shipping containers towering over Britain's busiest port, an unusual suspected-crime scene unfolded this week. Investigators wearing gas masks gingerly opened a row of 20m-long steel boxes and – after testing for noxious fumes – began inspecting the rusty entrails of 1,800 tonnes of scrap ...
70% of annual global e-waste dumped in China, 24th May 2012
The final destination of around 70 percent of the world's annual 500 million tons of electronic waste, or e-waste, is China, according to a report by China Business News. The majority of e-waste import activities are based in and around China's main ports. The director of Greenpeace's Pollution Prevention pr...
'Eye in the sky' spies on illegal waste dumpers
The Sydney Morning Herald,, 23rd May 2012
A satellite sensor launched from a space centre in French Guyana is being used by the NSW Environment Protection Authority to track illegal dumping of ACT construction waste across the border. The Spot 5, launched a decade ago, is a three-tonne computer mapping device that takes a high-resolution photo every 90 ...
Ivorian minister sacked over toxic waste fund scandal
BBC News, 23rd May 2012
A minister in Ivory Coast has been sacked over his alleged role in the disappearance of millions of dollars meant for victims of pollution. Adama Bictogo says he has not done anything wrong. The case relates to a 2006 incident in which thousands became ill after toxic waste was dumped in Abidjan. Multinati...
New WEEE reuse specification aims to reduce the number of illegal exports
New Electronics , 22nd May 2012
In March 2011, a new publicly available standard was established to reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) ending up either in landfill or being incinerated. The first such standard in the European Union, PAS 141 provides requirements for those involved in reuse to help minimise th...
UNEP launches Ozone Protection Award for Customs & Enforcement Officers in Africa
UNEP, 22nd May 2012
The Ozone Protection Award aims to provide an incentive and recognition to Customs and Enforcement Officers, who succeed in preventing illegal trade in Ozone Depleting Substance and Ozone Depleting Substance equipment. Lusaka, 22 May 2012- The UN Environment Programme, OzonAction/Compliance Assistance Programme ...
U.S. Military Equipment Built with Counterfeit Parts
MERRILL GOOZNER, The Fiscal Times, 22nd May 2012
A yearlong investigation by the Senate Armed Services Committee has identified more than 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronic parts from China being incorporated into complex U.S. military hardware – without defense contractors taking effective steps to halt the trade. It was the second major report doc...
Killer gas found in illegal refrigerant seizure
ARC News, 19th May 2012
A CONSIGNMENT of refrigerant seized by Russian customs contained cylinders of the dangerous methyl chloride cocktail blamed for the fatal reefer explosions last year. Rumours of the seizure first appeared in Russian newspaper reports at the end of February. UNEP has now confirmed that customs officers at the port o...
Govt ready to review waste import rules
Indian Express, 17th May 2012
The government is ready to amend the rules dealing with import of hazardous waste in the country, Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan told Lok Sabha on Monday. “I have a completely open mind. If you have concerns we will review the rules,” Natarajan said following attack from MPs that the present rules allow...
Oyang fishing vessel charged for illegal dumping
TVNZ, 16th May 2012
Illegal fish dumping charges have been laid over the activities of another Korean Oyang fishing boat. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) says it has laid eight charges against the foreign charter vessel Oyang 77 over illegally dumping fish at sea. One of the charges relates to the dumping of a large basking shark, ...
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