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672-gallon oil spill fouls Huntington Beach channel
Los Angeles Times By Tony Barboza, 28th January 2010
The oil traveled 1.8 miles downstream, but did not reach the Talbert wetlands or the ocean. The EPA says the source is unknown. The cleanup is expected to take about three weeks. Crews are working to clean up an oil spill that dumped an estimated 672 gallons of crude oil last week into a Huntington Beach flood-control chan...
Landfill owner pleads guilty to hazardous waste, drug charges
Hamilton Journal News By Dave Greber, 25th January 2010
Picture: Ray Skinner II of West Chester Twp. is seen here in court Thurs., May 28, 2009. Dave Greber/File photo HAMILTON — The West Chester Twp. man accused of selling drugs within sight of an elementary school and operating an illegal landfill at his home has pleaded guilty to his charges. Ray Skinner II, 64, of 8750 C...
EPA fines Monterey Park firm
Pasadena Star-News (USA), 20th January 2010
- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday ordered a local firm to pay up to $37,500 a day retroactive to October for abandoning thousands of pounds of electronic waste. Monterey Park-based ZKW Trading - which buys goods and sells them for a profit overseas - defied an EPA order in September to remove its 38 ...
Illegal dumping soars across city
Lancashire Evening Post (USA), 20th January 2010
Fly-tipping in Preston has soared by more than 50% compared to four years ago. Official figures show the city suffered 4,864 fly tipping cases between April 2008 and March 2009 – the third highest in the county and a 54.2% increase on 2004/5 - and only three people were prosecuted.Earlier this month the council revealed ...
Prosecutors: Truck Driver Caused $60,000 In Environmental Damage (USA), 19th January 2010
-- A statewide grand jury has indicted Steven James Yedo, 45, on suspicion of illegally dumping gasoline on land owned by Union Pacific Railroad, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced on Tuesday. Yedo, a driver who routinely transported petroleum products from his employer's refinery in Greeley to consumers, is...
Thousands Of Tires Dumped Illegally In Rockingham County
WFMY News 2 (USA), 16th January 2010
Investigators say thousands upon thousands of tires were discovered in an illegal dump in Rockingham County after a neighbor watched someone drop a few off. Rockingham County, NC -- Code enforcement officer Tinker Woods says its not tens, or hundreds, but thousands and thousands of tires left to rot at the end of a dead end...
Toxic waste dumped in Mariouteya canal
Al-Masry Al-Youm by Mona Yassin Maha Bahnasawy Yousry ElHawary, 11th January 2010
Picture: Dead fish in Ter'et Al-Mariotia Masry Al-Youm has obtained official documents proving that seven different industrial and agricultural pipelines have been dumping hazardous waste into Cairo's Mariouteya canal, explaining why tons of dead fish have recently been seen floating on the canal's surface. The documents ...
UN to probe violations in India's shipbreaking, e-waste businesses
Business Standard (India), 8th January 2010
’s alleged eco-unfriendly and labour-unfriendly policies, particularly in shipbreaking activities in Gujarat and on e-waste disposal, are going to be probed from next week, when the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur Okechukwu Ibeanu undertakes a fact-finding mission. Okechukwu is tasked to oversee “the adverse effec...
30th November -0001
New Initiative to Combat Toxic Threats
Isabelle de Grave, ROAP Media Update, 30th November -0001
UNITED NATIONS, Jun 27 2012 (IPS) - Reducing the risks associated with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats is the goal of a new multi-country initiative known as the Centres of Excellence (CoE). The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), representatives of the ...
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