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goal of Environmental Crime Media Update is to provide current news on a weekly basis on environmental crime. With the exception of items written by UNEP and occasional contributions solicited from other organizations, the news is sourced from on-line newspapers, journals and websites.

Indore gears up to streamline e-waste disposal
Times of India, 21st April 2012
Come May, Indoreans will have a designated place to dispose e-waste (electronic waste). Having realized about health and environmental hazards, Madhya Pradesh government has decided to streamline e-waste disposal from May 1 by opening collection centres in Indore. The people who have been grappling with defunct electronic ...
International crimes as asymmetrical security threats
By Muladi, Jakarta Post, 19th April 2012
The rise of a new globalized security environment in the post Cold War world has been marked by a transformation from the traditional spectrum of symmetrical security threats with their conventional alliances such as NATO and the Warsaw Pact to a situation viewed by some analysts as representing an emerging form of globaliz...
Reports Focus on Indian Shipbreaking
By Kurt Achin, Voice of America, 18th April 2012
  Alang beach in India's Gujarat province is one of the world's biggest shipping graveyards, an access-restricted, mafia-controlled funerary ground for hulking steel-container vessels marooned for demolition. Eighty percent of the world's international trade crosses the globe by ship, and each year hundreds of these ...
Thailand, Cambodia discuss illegal Siamese rosewood logging along borders
Pattaya Mail, 13th April 2012
Thai and Cambodian officials met Tuesday to discuss the logging and trade in Siamese rosewood along the two countries' borders. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Department Director-General Thani Thongpakdee told a news conference here of an over three-hour meeting between representatives of both countries, during w...
Dispose e-waste with care or face action
Ayaskant Das, The Times of India, 6th April 2012
With the E-waste (management and handling) Rules, 2011 coming into effect on May 1, the Regional Pollution Control Board has issued notices to more than 400 companies in Noida and Greater Noida to comply with it or face action. Not only companies, but even individuals will be required to dispose waste electronic material in...
Court approves dumping waste at sea
The Jakarta Post, 4th April 2012
The Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) threw out a lawsuit on Tuesday filed by a coalition of environmental NGOs that was challenging the decision of the Environment Ministry to allow PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PT NNT) to dump more than 140,000 tons per day of its tailing on a pristine beach. The coalition, led by t...
India’s e-waste output jumps 8 times in 7 years
Viju B, The Times of India, 4th April 2012
's output of e-waste has jumped by eight times in the past seven years and the open yet illegal incineration of massive quantities of such trash may lead to serious public health hazards, a government report says. According to the latest annual report of the Union ministry of environment and forest (MoEF), by the end of 20...
Honeywell to Destroy Ozone Depleting Refrigerants for 125,000 Tons of Carbon Credits
Environmental Leader, 3rd April 2012
Honeywell has begun destroying inventories of certain ozone-depleting refrigerants and selling the resulting emission reduction credits for use in California’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, the company announced. The company said it has destroyed more than 27,000 pounds of CFC-11, a chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant...
Unused e-waste discarded in China raises questions
BBC News, 2nd April 2012
A massive e-waste landfill in Guiyu, in southern China's Guangdong province, is much more than a graveyard for old computers, says an investigative US writer based in Shanghai. Electronic waste can be highly toxic and needs to be disposed of safely. Adam Minter, author of the Shanghai Scrap blog, says he found boxes of de...
Global effort to fight environmental crime takes shape,cn, 31st March 2012
For the first time, heads of environmental, biodiversity and natural resources agencies from across the world have met with heads of law enforcement agencies to craft a global compliance and enforcement strategy for environmental security. Convened this week by Interpol and the United Nations Environment Programme, the Int...
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