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Industries dump toxic wastes with impunity
Deevakar Anand, Hindustan Times, 20th March 2012
The dumping of used industrial oils by manufacturing units in Gurgaon and Manesar is posing a serious health hazard to residents and adding to atmosphere and soil pollution.Although the issue has assumed alarming proportions, the state pollution control board is yet to fully gauge the gravity of the situation. According t...
'Bhopal toxic waste will not be treated in Navi Mumbai, Nagpur'
Hindustan Times, 20th March 2012
Mumbai Waste Management Limited, a private company in Taloja, has not been granted permission to dispose of the toxic waste generated as a result of the 1984 Bhopal gas catastrophe in Navi Mumbai or Nagpur, environment minister Sanjay Deotale told the legislative assembly on Monday. The state learned of the plan when the c...
Environmentalists concerned over electronic waste in Bangladesh
Saleem Samad, Gant Daily, 19th March 2012
Environmentalists, academics, researchers and social justice activists on Monday expressed grave concern over the illegal dumping of electronic wastes (e-wastes) in Bangladesh. The groups have demanded the government formulate an integrated national policy for implementation and monitoring with the participation of the sta...
Farmers oppose burning of toxic waste at Pithampur plant
The Times of India, 19th March 2012
Farmers, living in Tarpura and other villages surrounding Ramky Enviro Engineers in Pithampur, are up in arms against the government's decision to incinerate toxic wastes from the now defunct Union Carbide plant in Bhopal in Pithampur. The government is planning to incinerate 346 metric ton (MT) of the toxic waste at the R...
Vietnam plans to make unmanned aircraft
Thanh Nien Daily, 19th March 2012
  Vietnam is planning to produce an unmanned aircraft in collaboration with various partners, the Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted a Vietnam Aerospace Association official as saying Monday. Nguyen Duc Cuong, chairman of the association, said the civilian aircraft will weigh less than 100 kilograms and will be used for remo...
Indian firms still to warm up to waste
Saurabhi Agarwal, Live Mint, 18th March 2012
Though some large electronics brands such as Nokia and Dell offer to take back old mobile phones and computers as part of an effort to restrict electronic waste, experts say a majority of the smaller firms are hardly prepared to meet an approaching government deadline on e-waste collection and management. Small and medium-...
Abu Dhabi steps up fight against illegal dumping
Binsal Abdul Kader,, 18th March 2012
Abu Dhabi targets to reduce complaints on illegal dumping of waste by 90 per cent soon as garbage trucks and waste water tankers are tracked round-the-clock by GPS (global positioning system) trackers, a senior municipal official told Gulf News recently. As of February 28, the Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi (CWMA) h...
Big polluters go unpunished
Natalie O'Brien, The Sydney Morning Herald, 18th March 2012
There is no limit on the amount of toxic substances allowed to contaminate the NSW environment, and big industry routinely delays the reporting of pollution spills, a new report has found. The report also concludes the Environment Protection Authority, the state government's pollution watchdog, has become too close to ille...
UN-backed initiative to address electronic waste problem in Africa adopted
UN News Centre, 16th March 2012
The United Nations, 18 African countries, as well as non-governmental organizations, the private sector and academia today agreed on priority measures to reduce the environmental and health impacts of electrical and electronic waste on the continent. Meeting at the headquarters of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in th...
Making our borders safe: Asia-Pacific region readies itself to prevent a new challenge of illegal trade in ozone-depleting chemicals
UNEP OzonAction (Press Release), 15th March 2012
Today, Customs and enforcement experts in the Asia-Pacific region completed a four-day workshop on monitoring and control of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). The region has suffered from significant smuggling of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the past and with the imminent approach of trade control measures for the second m...
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