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JK Hospital dumping medical waste in open
Times of India, 3rd July 2012

KANPUR: After Lala Lajpat Rai and its concerned hospitals, now the authorities of JK Cancer hospital are dumping their bio-medical waste in open.

Decomposing hazardous bio-medical waste in open grounds and municipal dustbins seems to be a habit of hospitals associated with Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi Medical College. On Monday morning, heap of bio-medical waste was dumped into the municipal garbage bin kept in the premises of JK Cancer hospital. Hundreds of used gloves, syringes and medicine bottle were rolled in poly-bags and were dumped in municipal waste bin.

TOI when contacted the authorities of JK Cancer hospital Dr Avdhesh Dixit, Director of JK Cancer hospital claimed that he is strictly following all bio-medical waste handling norms. He also refused that any hazardous medical waste has been thrown in municipal bin by JK Cancer hospital employees.

"It is not possible that doctors or even class IV employees of JK Cancer hospital throw bio-medical waste into municipal garbage bin. Everyday MPCC van come here and collect all medical waste. You can ask them that we are very regular in decomposing this hazardous waste," added Avdhesh Dixit.

Contrary to the claims of JK cancer hospital authorities, the officials of Pollution Control Committee (MPCC) said that they are receiving negligible medical waste from the respective hospital.

Talking to TOI, Dr Vinay Verma, secretary of MPCC informed that though MPCC van is regularly visiting JK Cancer hospital, but the bio-medical waste they are collecting from there is minimal in quantity. The official also asserted that despite several reminders from the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) and Medical Pollution Control Committee (MPCC) no change has been noticed in the lackadaisical approach of the hospitals associated with GSVM Medical College towards 'bio-medical waste management'. Huge amount of used needles, syringes, human anatomical waste, contaminated cotton bandages and discarded and expired medicines are being thrown in open for rag-pickers."The average bio-medical waste from JK Cancer hospital is 250 grams per bed. Though, the hospital is having hundreds of beds, yet we are collecting least amount of waste from there. It seems that they are doing formality only," added Dr Vinay further.

Its important to mention here that TOI brought the matter into light of hospitals associated with GSVM Medical College flouting bio-medical norms.

"One can term it as a daring attitude of the authorities of Lala Lajpat Rai and its associated hospitals or the irresponsible approach of the district administration and municipal department that huge medical waste is being disposed off into municipal garbage bins by LLR staff even after several complaints and notices," said an official staff of LLR in the condition of anonymity.