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Environmental Regulators to Target Waste Offenders through Tougher Enforcement Powers
12 March 2015
Environmental regulators in England and Wales would be given tougher powers to target waste offenders under plans published for consultation by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Welsh government. The proposals would allow the regulators to suspend a permit if an operator has failed to meet the conditions of an enforcement notice even if the current 'ri...
Running Priest Urges Canada to Take Back Toxic Waste
11 March 2015
A Filipino Catholic priest led a protest run on Monday to urge Canada to take back 50 shipping containers loaded with toxic waste that are sitting at the Port of Manila. The shipments - which were labelled as recyclable plastics — arrived in batches from Canada in July and August of 2013, according to watchdogs. But it wasn’t until February 2014 that they were discovered to contain ha...
Pre-session Documents for the Three COPs Now Available
10 March 2015
The pre-session documents for the three Conferences of the Parties (COPs) to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (BRS), are available on the BRS Secretariat websites, including the provision agendas, various reports and technical guidelines as well as the programmes of work for the biennium 2016-2017.        Source: BRS Secretariat   (Click here ...
Italian Company Fined $2.75M for Shipping Pollution
9 March 2015
An Italian company has been fined $2.75 million by a Florida judge for falsifying a record book that concealed illegal discharge of pollution into the ocean from a ship. The fine was imposed last week in Tampa federal court on the Carbofin SPA Company. Court records show its ship the M/T Marigola illegally discharged sludge, waste oil and contaminated bilge water into the sea on several voyages i...
NGO Report ‘Preventing Waste: Recycling isn’t Enough for A Circular Economy’ Published
3 March 2015
The many social, environmental and economic benefits that would result from robust resource policies have been recognised by both the European Union and the governments of its member states. For example, by boosting re-use and repair of products, jobs are created while the impacts from mineral and metal extraction, incineration and landfill are avoided. But ambitions for encouraging re-use and rep...
17th issue of Newsflash released
24 February 2015
Highlights in this issue:   REN to support GRID-Arendal on a Hazardous Waste Crime Assessment Case Studies on Environmental Crime Published by EFFACE Electronic Recyclers International Partners with United Nations University, US EPA and Basel Convention for “Person in Port” Project Click here to download
Invitation of Nominations for the ECA Ozone Protection Award for ECA 2016
12 February 2015
The Europe & Central Asia (ECA) Network is inviting the customs & enforcement community to submit nominations for the 4th edition of the ECA Ozone Protection Award. It is a regional award for the ECA network & associated CEIT countries as well as their trade partners. The award ceremony is scheduled in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in May 2016. The Europe & Central Asia (ECA) Ozone ...
New List of Global Dumpers is Out
12 February 2015
The NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a global coalition of environmental and human rights organisations seeking to prevent dirty and dangerous shipbreaking worldwide, today releases a complete list of all ship owners and their ships sold for breaking last year. Out of a total of 1026 ships dismantled globally in 2014, 641 – representing 74% of the total gross tonnage (GT) scrapped – were sol...
Conversion of E-Waste to Good Business is Solution to Dumping
12 February 2015
There are precious metals in electronics that can be safely removed, since they also contain dangerous chemicals, and reused. This is one big business that the global community is looking at to solve the challenge of dumping of e-waste in Nigeria and in other African countries. The German Consul General in Nigeria, Mr. Michael Derus sees a possibility of creating vital economic solutions to the e-...
Next Generation Tools Allow Comprehensive Monitoring and Effective Pathways to Environmental Compliance
11 February 2015
A new report released on 20 January 2015 by the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) highlights a new generation of advanced technologies and regulatory innovations that are helping to promote improved compliance with laws that protect the environment, including the earth’s climate, in ways that were previously inconceivable. The INECE Special Repo...
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