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Wales Site Serv Ltd fined over illegal ‘commingled’ waste export
14 November 2014
A recycling firm based in Wales has been ordered to pay a total of £15,000 over two separate offences relating to illegal waste exports. Site Serv Ltd, which was based in the Vale of Glamorgan but is now in administration, was prosecuted at Cardiff Crown Court on November 4 after pleading guilty to two separate waste offences in 2012.        Source: Letsrecycl...
Toxic waste returns in Nigeria
11 November 2014
There is a growing concern that importers of toxic and hazardous substances may be employing deceptive means to dump them in residential and commercial places. Some people believe that these wastes are either buried on land or dumped in the Lagos Lagoon and in other surrounding water bodies. The drums used in conveying them are believed to be sold to unsuspecting local families who wash off the si...
EFFACE policy briefs on environmental crime
5 November 2014
The project “European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime” (EFFACE) has published its first two Policy Briefs on environmental crime. The Briefs provide examples and insights on the need for a coordinated EU approach to reduce the broad impacts of crimes against the environment. Policy Brief 1, Limitations and challenges of the criminal justice system in addressing environmental...
Loopholes & ODS illegal trade threaten ozone layer recovery
30 October 2014
EIA’s latest briefing New Trends in ODS Smuggling highlights the growing threat of illegal trade in ozone depleting substances (ODS). Far from going away, the threat of black market ODS looms greater than ever and this briefing brings together analysis of trade and emissions data, recent reported seizures and a look at the global refrigerant and feedstock market to highlight some key areas ...
Detoxifying development: how strengthened sound management of chemicals and wastes contributes to sustainable development
29 October 2014
  While chemicals contribute significantly to our well‐being, they can also pose a threat to human health and the environment if they are not managed well. Their potentially adverse impacts, combined with the limited capacity in many countries to deal with these impacts, make the sound management of chemicals and waste a key issue that cuts across many areas of our lives. In Johannesburg...
E-waste, ESM and legal clarity issues on agenda for the Third Expert Working Group meetings
28 October 2014
The expert working group on environmentally sound management is expected to consider the inter-sessional work undertaken by it to further elaborate and implement actions on initial short-term work items for the implementation of environmentally sound management. In addition, it will consider its draft work programme for additional priorities and key work items and actions. The expert working group...
BAN seeks changes in Basel Guidelines to enhance reuse of computers, laptops and cell phones
28 October 2014
The Basel Action Network and its e-Stewards recycler/refurbisher certification program is currently undertaking two initiatives to promote responsible electronics refurbishment. The efforts are designed to reflect the environmental and social preference for longevity, reuse, and refurbishment of electronic equipment rather than disposal or recycling. “It is best for the environment to insis...
End-of-waste criteria for waste plastic for conversion
21 October 2014
The European Commission has published the long-awaited proposal on developing end of waste (EoW) criteria for plastic. The document, drafted by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) concludes that none of the international existing standards and technical specifications fits the purpose of  EoW criteria for waste plastic. A seemingly suitable threshold of 2% of non-plastic impurities, valid f...
The Thirteenth issue REN newsflash released
17 October 2014
Highlights in this issue:   National capacity building workshop in Vietnam completed Ten decisions made at the OEWG 9 China proposes decentralizing its scrap import licensing Download the Thirteenth REN Newsflash
Eleventh meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee
15 October 2014
The Committee considered 13 specific submissions, general issues of implementation and compliance, and its draft 2016-2017 work programme. With respect to the specific submissions, 9 Parties attended the meeting and the Committee adopted 13 decisions.In its decision pertaining to the self-submission by Central African Republic, the Committee approved this Party’s compliance action plan and r...
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