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Group slams shipment of toxic waste from Canada
4 March 2014
Zero-waste advocates on Friday (14th February) expressed disgust over an attempt to smuggle into the country some 50 container vans of toxic garbage mislabeled as recyclable plastics from Canada. On Monday (10th February), the Bureau of Customs intercepted a shipment of 50 container vans of garbage from Canada at the Port of Manila. In a television report, deputy customs commissioner Ariel Nepom...
Capacity building workshops for customs officers and joint meetings with ozone officers are to organize in the Kingdom of Tonga and Lao PDR
26 February 2014
Based on the capacity building needs identified for customs officers under the framework of Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste, two capacity building workshops are going to be organized in the Kingdom of Tonga in March and Lao PDR in April respectively. The Capacity Building Workshop for Senior Customs Officers on Controlling of Environmentally Sensitive Commodities in Pacific I...
54 held in China's crackdown on 'foreign e-trash' smuggling
26 February 2014
Chinese police arrested 54 members of three gangs for bringing over 72,000 tonnes of used laptops and parts into the country illegally, custom officials said today. Acting in cooperation with police, customs authorities in Guangdong and Liaoning Provinces and Tianjin Municipality arrested the gang members in a raid on January 5, an official with the General Administration of Customs told state-...
The fifth issue of REN Newsflash released
21 February 2014
Highlights in this issue:   Two joint meetings of ozone and customs officers to be held for the Pacific and Southeast Asia Tons of illegal waste seized under Operation Demeter III Local and regional authorities call for tighter EU rules to clamp down on illegal shipments of waste Download the fifth issue of REN Newsflash
Network meetings of ozone officers to be held in the Kingdom of Tonga and Lao PDR
18 February 2014
The Sixth Meeting of Pacific Islands Countries (PICs) Network of Ozone Officers will be held in the Kingdom of Tonga on March 10-14, 2014, in parallel with the PIC customs workshop. This sub-regional Network meeting focuses on building capacities of national ozone officers and other key stakeholders in the monitoring, controlling and reporting of ozone depleting substances and related dependent te...
Protecting Human Health and the Environment - The Rotterdam Convention: 10 Years of Entry into Force
24 January 2014
As early as 1989, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (FAO) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) introduced a voluntary Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure from two earlier instruments, namely the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides, which FAO launched in 1985 (and revised in 2013), and the London Guidelines for the Exchange of Information on ...
The fourth issue of REN Newsflash released
21 January 2014
Highlights of the fourth issue of REN Newsflash   Round-up of REN activities in 2013 BRS Secretariat launches MEAS photo gallery (VCS) – the world’s leading voluntary greenhouse gas program against HFC-23 Click here to download  
Tons of illegal waste seized under Operation Demeter III
21 January 2014
A joint global Customs initiative across Europe and the Asia Pacific region netted more than 7,000 metric tons of illegal waste, including hazardous waste, used vehicle parts and tyres, textiles, and e-waste.   The initiative, known as Operation Demeter III, targeted mainly illicit maritime consignments of hazardous and other waste transported from Europe and other waste producing regions t...
Training Manual for Customs and Enforcement Officers on ODS(Third Edition ) is available
30 December 2013
The third edition of the Training Manual for Customs and Enforcement Officers provides the necessary guidance and information to effectively monitor and facilitate the legal trade in ozone depleting substances and to combat their illegal trade. It presents information on the international policy context and an overview of the technical issues, including information on chemicals and produ...
The Second Network Workshop of the Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste took place in Bangkok
26 December 2013
The Second Network Workshop of the Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (REN) was held in Sukosol hotel, Bangkok, Thailand on 19-22, November 2013. The meeting was held in conjunction with the first meeting of the Environmental Network for Optimizing Regulatory Compliance on Illegal Traffic (ENFORCE) and the 2013 workshop of the Asian Network for Prevention and Control of Ille...
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