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The 26th REN Newsflash Released
24 November 2015
The 25th REN Newsflash Released
20 October 2015
Georgia/Florida Electronics Recyclers Caught in Scheme to Smash, Dump, and Export Toxic TVs and Computer Monitors
25 September 2015
The Basel Action Network (BAN), a global environmental organization working on toxic trade, has discovered that Diversified Recycling, an electronics recycler operating in Orlando, Florida and Norcross, Georgia, was recently engaged in transporting daily tractor-trailer loads of toxic TVs and computer monitors to a small warehouse operation where cathode ray tubes (CRTs) were smashed by hand and t...
Regional Conference on Enhancing Cooperation on Border Management in ASEAN: Preparing for a Safer and More Integrated Community
25 September 2015
Bangkok (Thailand), 26 August 2015 - High-level regional integration and public security representatives from ASEAN Member States convened in Bangkok on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to discuss effective border security in an era of rapidly increasing connectivity in Asia. Southeast Asia is u...
INTERPOL-coordinated EU project outlines roadmap against unregulated e-waste
25 September 2015
LYON, France – A comprehensive two-year investigation into Europe’s used and waste electronics market has concluded that illicitly traded or unregulated e-waste within the region represents some 10 times the quantity of undocumented e-waste exported from Europe.   The European Union-funded project, Countering WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) Illegal Trade (CWIT),...
Philippine Cities Shut Doors on 2-Year-Old Canadian Waste
25 September 2015
Manila: Amid reports the Philippine government is scouting for sites to dump waste from Canada, a Metro Manila suburb is rushing legislation to ensure that the consignment is not left in its backyard. A measure put forward before the city council of suburban Quezon City by Councillor Dorothy Delarmente, “expresses strong disapproval against any plan to dispose foreign waste at the Payatas...
Bill Banning Dumping of Garbage in the Country Pushed
25 September 2015
MANILA, Philippines – A lawmaker filed a bill banning of the importation, shipment, entry and dumping of garbage, hazardous scrap or residual wastes in the country. House Bill 5930 authored by Quezon City Rep. Winston Catelo seeks to address health and environmental issues and its impact on the economy of the country by pushing for the bill that prohibits entry of garbage in the country. ...
Government Permission to Use Banned Pesticides Face Legal Challenge
25 September 2015
A government decision to permit the use of banned pesticides linked to declining bee populations is to be challenged in the high court by the environmental charity Friends of the Earth (FOE). The use of three neonicotinoid pesticides is currently illegal under a European Union law, which is due to be reviewed at the end of the year. Last month the UK government decided to make two of the pes...
Apology for Pembrokeshire Waste Shipment Stink
25 September 2015
A waste operator and county council have apologized for odour "teething problems" with the first load of waste being sent to fuel a power station. Nearly 4,000 tonnes of non-recyclable refuse left Pembrokeshire for Sweden at the weekend. However, food waste mixed with rubbish started to smell as it was waiting to be collected from storage areas in Pembroke Dock. The council and op...
Only One Third of E-waste in EU Recycled Properly
25 September 2015
More than two thirds of metal appliances and tech products that are thrown away in the EU are processed illegally and some leak toxins into the environment that can have dangerous health effects. Researchers said Europe has an electronic waste problem. Almost five million tonnes of e-waste were mismanaged or traded under the table within the EU in 2012, and 1.3 million tonnes were illegally e...
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