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Protest Over Canada’s Garbage Dumped in Philippines Brought to the UN in Geneva
15 June 2015
International environmental organisations brought their protest against Canada for their refusal to take back the 50 shipment containers filled with household waste dumped in the Philippines almost two years ago, raised the matter at a high-level meeting of the Basel Convention and marched from that meeting to the Permanent Mission of Canada, in Geneva, Switzerland. Environmental justice groups B...
Vietnam’s Seaports May Turn into World’s Dumping Ground
12 June 2015
Current laws allow import of scrap materials and prohibit import of industrial waste. However, state management agencies are confused because they cannot determine if imports are “scrap materials” which can be imported for domestic production, or “industrial waste”, which must not be imported. There is a fine line between “scrap materials” and “industrial...
Decree Requires Waste Importers to Place Deposits on Scrap in Vietnam
12 June 2015
The decree aims to prevent enterprises from importing hazardous waste and discharging it into the environment.  The required deposit will ensure that importers will take responsibility for any risks caused by scrap material imports. Those who import more than 500 tons of waste materials will have to pay a deposit equal to 10 percent of the total value of the import consignments. The deposit ...
20th issue of Newsflash released
25 May 2015
Highlights in this issue:   Asia Environmental Enforcement Award recognized Crime Fighters UNEP releases Waste Crimes, Waste Risks: Gaps and Challenges In Global Waste Sector Countries move forward on Sustainable Management of Chemicals and Waste Click here to download
Crime Fighters Recognized for Tackling Illegal Trade in Wildlife, Chemicals and Waste
22 May 2015
                    Bangkok, 20 May 2015: Five enforcement officers and eight organizations tackling fast-growing illegal trade in wildlife, chemicals and waste in Asia Pacific are the first recipients of the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award (AEEA) announced here today. The winners, hailing from Cambod...
Nigeria: Influx of Used Electrical Appliances - Implication for Health, the Environment
18 May 2015
The influx of second hand goods is fast becoming a source of concern to many Nigerians. The way and manner different second-hand items are being shipped into the country gives the impression of Nigeria as a dumping ground for products not needed in foreign countries. The influx of second hand computers, printers, and electronic items, which the National Environmental Standards and Regulation Enfor...
Countries Move Forward on Important Issues for Sustainable Management of Chemicals and Waste
15 May 2015
Significant steps were agreed upon early morning of 16 May by parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions, as the 2015 Triple COPs drew to a close. Staged under the theme “From Science to Action: Working for a Safer Tomorrow” from 4 to 15 May 2015, almost 1,200 participants from 171 countries converged on Geneva to push forward the chemicals and waste agenda at this bie...
Most Chinese Recycling Firms Left After 'Green Fence'
15 May 2015
More than 70 percent of China’s plastics recycling companies have left the industry over the past three years, taking hundreds of thousands of jobs away, according to Zhou Kaiqing. According to Zhou, China’s waste plastics imports peaked in 2012 at 8.88 million metric tons, then dropped to 7.88 million metric tons in 2013 due to the “Green Fence,” and slightly recovered la...
Calls for Tighter Rules on Illegal Pesticides
13 May 2015
Tighter rules are needed to keep illegal and counterfeit pesticides out of the European Union, says a report. The European Commission study into the trade of illegal and counterfeit pesticides in the EU raises concerns about loopholes for products. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), under the current system importers can bring a pesticide into the EU without any evidence to prov...
Waste Material Importers to Pay Security Deposit
12 May 2015
Individuals and organisations that import waste materials for production purposes must pay security deposits up to 20 per cent of the imported goods' value from the middle of next month. This is part of the newly-approved government Decree 38/2015/ND-CP on the management of waste and waste materials that will take effect on June 15. The security deposit should be sent to the Viet Nam Environ...
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