Leaking shipment of Canadian garbage poses health risks
15 April 2014
Waste juice has begun forming in the 50 container vans of garbage from Canada, posing health and environmental risks to people. The container vans, each 40 feet long, are now in the bay area of the Manila International Container Terminal (Philippines), where they remain unclaimed since the first vans arrived at the port in June 2013.
"They've been here for 9 months. Fluid has already been accumulating inside since garbage naturally creates leachate. The garbage juice is now leaking," said Anna Kapunan of health advocacy group Ang Nars.
The 18 vans opened by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) contain plastic bottles, plastic bags, newspapers, household garbage, and used adult diapers – waste which are classified as hazardous under the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste and Control Act of 1990 (Republic Act 6969).