Sharp rise in cargo smuggling cases including chemicals and waste in India
2 May 2014
The crackdown launched by sleuths of the Tuticorin Custom House on cargo smuggling has resulted in a sharp rise in cases.
Since the Special Intelligence and Investigation Branch (SIIB) of the Customs Department mounted vigil, the anti-smuggling unit here recorded 159 cases during 2013-14, whereas only 41 cases were booked against smugglers during 2012-13, according to Additional Commissioner of Customs N.J. Kumaresh.
The seized goods smuggled through the seaport here were R 22 gas, a banned item that causes depletion of the ozone layer, bottles of Korean liquor, iron scrap, fabrics, galvanised iron wire, timber logs and narcotics. Such goods were often mis-declared and concealed in containers to evade duty. To prevent such unlawful activities, all container freight stations were being monitored. (Click here to read more)