India's poor risk health to mine electronic "E-Waste"
28 June 2014
"E-waste is a cocktail of toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants," says Priti Mahesh, chief program coordinator for Toxics Link, a Delhi-based environmental group. "Some of these are known to cause not just short-term health problems, but also to damage the brain, nervous system, and reproductive system in the long term."
For decades, the solution in wealthy nations had been to send e-waste to developing countries like China and India, where environmental enforcement is relatively lax. In recent years, however, international treaties and country-specific legislation has tamped down the toxic flow. Tech manufacturers in the European Union, for instance, must plan for the life cycles of their devices from manufacture all the way to recycling.
Source: National Geographic, click here to read more.