4th MEA REN Workshop and RILO Seminar on Combating Environmental Crime will be Held in Beijing on 19-22 September 2010
4 August 2010

4th  MEA REN Workshop and RILO Seminar

UNEP and the RILO A/P, in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Government of China, will organise the Seminar on Combating Environmental Crime and the 4th workshop of the Multilateral Environmental Agreement Regional Enforcement Network (MEA-REN) in Beijing, China on 19-20 and 21-22 September 2010 respectively.


The MEA-REN workshop will bring together the customs officers, national ozone officers, and MEA

representatives from South Asia and Southeast Asian network countries to strengthen the cooperation at both national and regional levels in order to improve implementation of related MEAs. The workshop will review the progress of the MEA REN Project and discuss possible future activities. This is the last workshop being organized in the current MEA REN project funded by Sida.


The objectives of the RILO Seminar are aimed at improving the ability of customs officers on combating environmental crime and enhancing regional enforcement cooperation. It will report the progress and promote the usage of the Project Sky Hole Patching II, analyze the trends of illegal trade in ODS, hazardous waste, harmful chemicals and wildlife. Intelligence analysis and identification of environmentally sensitive commodities will also be the key issues in the Seminar. The Seminar and the MEA REN workshop will provide good opportunities for Customs officers, Ozone officers and MEA Representatives to discuss hot issues addressing environmental crimes and to enhance regional cooperation in this regard.