Eleventh meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee
15 October 2014
The Committee considered 13 specific submissions, general issues of implementation and compliance, and its draft 2016-2017 work programme. With respect to the specific submissions, 9 Parties attended the meeting and the Committee adopted 13 decisions.In its decision pertaining to the self-submission by Central African Republic, the Committee approved this Party’s compliance action plan and recommended that the Executive Secretary use resources in the implementation fund of up to USD 50’000.- to fund activities listed in the plan. The Committee also considered a report on the review of the operation of the implementation fund, including in light of the establishment of the UNEP Special Programme, and recommended that it be entrusted to develop recommendations to the attention of the Executive Board of the Special Programme on priority areas for institutional strengthening under the Basel Convention and that it consider further options to cooperate with the Special Programme.
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