End-of-waste criteria for waste plastic for conversion
21 October 2014
The European Commission has published the long-awaited proposal on developing end of waste (EoW) criteria for plastic.
The document, drafted by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) concludes that none of the international existing standards and technical specifications fits the purpose of  EoW criteria for waste plastic. A seemingly suitable threshold of 2% of non-plastic impurities, valid for all polymer types, is proposed by the JCR. The overall conclusion is that only business to business specifications define in actual practice the technical characteristics of waste plastics and recyclates. According to the JRC, it seems therefore appropriate to refer to such business-to-business specifications as a general rule, and define in parallel convenient parameter limits for the material(s) of environmental concern not currently regulated by waste (WEEE, ELV) or product policy (RoHS, REACH, CLP, POPs).
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