Toxic waste returns in Nigeria
11 November 2014
There is a growing concern that importers of toxic and hazardous substances may be employing deceptive means to dump them in residential and commercial places. Some people believe that these wastes are either buried on land or dumped in the Lagos Lagoon and in other surrounding water bodies. The drums used in conveying them are believed to be sold to unsuspecting local families who wash off the sign and smell and then use them for all sorts of purposes, writes Bennett Oghifo.
Toxic and hazardous substances are known in scientific circles as persistent organic pollutants, meaning they remain in the air and water long after their physical presence is no more. Nigeria has had its share of toxic and hazardous wastes dumped in the country, particularly in Koko where the shipment from Italy was offloaded in 1987. Another shipment was intercepted at the Apapa Ports in Lagos in 2010.
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