EU feasibility study on the establishment of an electronic data change for waste shipments published
18 November 2014
The Commission published its study to explore the feasibility of establishing an electronic data interchange (EDI) for waste shipment on its website. The study concluded that the establishment of an EDI is a technically feasible task. It also presented a number of architectural options and sub-options including rough fixed- and variable cost estimates, for both the Member States and the Commission.
Given the results of the study, the Commission indicated that it would now proceed with a follow-up study that would assist in the development of technical and organisational requirements for the establishment of EDI, including the definition of a common EDI protocol. This protocol would be useful irrespective of the architectural option to be chosen. Once this study is finalised in 2015, the Commission would then proceed with the preparation of an implementing act pursuant to Article 26(4) of the WSR.
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