New EU-Eurojust report reveals organised crime groups behind environmental crimes
1 December 2014
A new report by Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation body, reveals that organised crime groups (OCGs) are behind cross-border environmental crime. At the same time, paradoxically, despite huge profits from these crimes (estimated at USD 30-70 billion per year. Source: OECD), statistics show that environmental crime is seldom prosecuted by national authorities. The number of cases referred to Eurojust is very low, despite the need for a cross-border approach to achieve convictions, which Eurojust explained at a briefing in Brussels on 21 November.
The long list of environmental crimes includes:
  • Dangerous waste illegally exported to third States from Italy and Ireland
  • Different forms of water pollution in Greece, Hungary and Sweden
  • Illegal export of bird eggs and monkeys
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