Montreal Protocol celebrates landmark achievement with universal ratification of all amendments
2 December 2014
Global efforts to protect the ozone layer have reached a major milestone after all of the Amendments to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer received universal ratification by 197 Parties.
The final ratification of the Beijing Amendment, by Mauritania, was received on 4 December 4th. The Beijing Amendment to the Montreal Protocol has been in force since 2002. It introduced production controls on the ozone-depleting substance, controls on trade with non-parties to the Protocol, production and consumption controls of another ozone-depleting substance used in fire extinguishers as well as the ban on trade in this substance with non-parties. The other three Amendments: the London Amendment (1990), the Copenhagen Amendment (1992) and Montreal Amendment (1997) had already been universally ratified by all the 197 Parties to the Protocol.
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