Industries call for stopping illegal exports of ELVs from EU
16 December 2014
'Each year, we lose around 8 million end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in Europe; this means 12 million tonnes of scrap and plastics,' according to Oliver Scholz, CEO of German metals recycling company Scholz Holding. The illegal export of used cars has to be stopped as soon as possible, he urged at an international workshop in Brussels attended by representatives of the EU Commission, the European authorities, the automotive sector and the recycling industry.
A legally-binding definition should be set, and the exporter should have to prove whether the exported car is waste or not. There was also a consensus at the Brussels gathering that recycling costs would increase as a result of the rapidly-changing composition of vehicles, such as through the development of electric models, rare earths in magnets and carbon fibres in plastics.
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