West Dumping E-waste in India and China
13 January 2015
Developed countries are dumping their electronic and electrical waste, popularly termed e-waste, in countries like India and China in the name of ‘charity,’ a recent study conducted by researchers in India, China and UK has revealed.
 “A huge amount of used electrical items and equipment are entering India and China from different developed countries. Those items are free from all type of associated duties as they are meant for charity purposes. But as they are all used items they soon add up to our e-waste,” said Sadhan K Ghosh, a professor of mechanical engineering department in Jadavpur University and president of the International Society of Waste Management’s Kolkata chapter.
Ghosh led an eight-member team of researchers from UK, China and India which conducted a comparative analysis of the e-waste scenario in the three countries.
       Source: Hindustan Times   Click here to read more