REN Update

REN Updates on Country Information related to Combating Illegal traffic of Wastes and Chemicals
22 June 2015

To follow up on one of the recommendations of the 3rd REN annual network workshop on conducting a desk study on certain waste streams, REN sent out questionnaires to participating countries in February 2015. As of 15th June 2015, replies had been received from 9 participating countries/region including Fiji, Hong Kong SAR, Maldives, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines , Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste. As REN plans to present the results of the desk study at the annual network workshop in 2015, those countries that are yet to respond are encouraged to do so at their earliest convenience.

Meanwhile, seven years after the last compilation of country information by Multilateral Environmental Agreements Regional Enforcement Network (MEA-REN), REN is now updating country information sheets to identify:

  • relevant national laws, regulations and related licensing systems;
  • national enforcement institutions;
  • the power of different enforcement agencies in terms of enforcement and investigation; and
  • contact information needed for bilateral information exchange between enforcement agencies.

REN participating countries expect to receive the new template for the country information sheet shortly. We would appreciate kind support from all of you.