Asia Environmental Enforcement Award


Asia Environmental Enforcement Award is an environmental award that recognizes outstanding enforcement officers or organizations as leaders who boldly and fearlessly implement and enforce national environmental laws and multilateral environmental conventions, and fight environmental crime, including illegal trade in protected species and other wildlife, elicit trade in ODS, chemicals and waste, and other environmental violation. The Award is initiated in 2014 and will continue consecutively for at least another two years, The 2014 Award is a joint cooperation between UNEP (through the Regional Environmental Enforcement Networks for Chemicals and Waste and the OzonAction Compliance Assistance Programme) and Freeland Foundation.


The Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (REN) is a project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and implemented by UNEP in 25 countries in Northeast Asian, South Asia and Southeast Asia, with the aim to enhance the capacity of the customs in the region to control the illegal trade in chemicals and waste, and to further strengthen the existing network as a platform for effective enforcement at the regional and national levels.


The OzonAction is a UNEP branch that assists developing countries and countries with economies in transition to enable them to achieve and sustain compliance with the Montreal Protocol. The OzonAction has its headquarter in Paris with teams in five regional offices: Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), Asia & the Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand), Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama City, Panama), and West Asia (Manama, Bahrain). The Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) is one of two main areas of work under OzonAction to assist developing countries in UNEP’s capacity as an Implementing Agency of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in the region to meet obligations under the Montreal Protocol.


Freeland is a frontline movement making the world free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. Through offices in Asia, Africa and the Americas and in partnership with more than 50 organizations, Freeland raises awareness, builds capacity, strengthens networks and promotes good governance to protect critical ecosystems and vulnerable people. Freeland is the lead implementing partner of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST) Program.


Nominations will be by invitation only.

For the Chemical and Waste category, the invitation will be sent to the 25 participating countries and the partner organizations of REN, as well as the National Ozone Units in Asian countries.. Each country/organization receiving the invitation is invited to nominate one individual or one team/organization for consideration for the Chemical and Waste Category.


For the Wildlife category, invitations will be restricted to ASEAN Member States and China[1].

Countries/agencies receiving the invitation may submit nominations for more than one nominee.


The nomination should be sent to REN/OzonAction CAP (for the ODS, Chemicals and Waste category), or to Freeland (for the Wildlife category), or to both REN/OzonAction CAP and Freeland (for the Comprehensive category) by e-mail or fax:


REN/OzonAction CAP:

Email:;;, Fax: +66-2 280 3829



Email:; Fax: +662 254 8324


The nomination form can also be downloaded from the websites of REN and Freeland:

REN website:

Freeland website:


Deadline for Application

The nomination should be sent not later than 6.00 pm (Bangkok time), 20 October 2014. Any nomination received after that time will be automatically declined.

[1] This is because Freeland Foundation under the USAID funded ARREST Program provides the funding for the wildlife category, and ASEAN Member States and China fall under the remit of the ARREST Program.